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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Parts 1 and 2

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is dense with information that is crucial to the overall story. It's definitely too much to stuff into a two hour movie.

There are many challenges in adapting a novel or series of novels into scripts and movies. Plot lines are always reduced and/or eliminated. The work that has been done so far on the Harry Potter series has had reasonable success. The millions of dollars of revenue prove that the Harry Potter Fans will pay for anything HP, but will they pay for two movies made from one book? If the Studio thinks fans will not pay for and sit through one longer than average movie (3 hours plus, a rule broken successfully by the Lord of the Rings movies), will it be possible they'd think fans will happily pay for two films?

So, do you think it's possible that the final Harry Potter adventure, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, will be made into two movies? And if it is, where would you end movie number one and start movie two?

UPDATE! 3/12/08: Producer David Heyman said last night that It will be officially announced soon that book 7 WILL BE TWO FILMS! Click here for more info!

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Reader Comments: (Page 20)

I think that the best spot to end the first part of the seventh movie is right before Ron comes back and after Godric's Hollow when Hermione tells Harry the she broke his wand. This way, it be a clean break from each part right in between the two chapters concerning Godric's Hollow and The Silver Doe. Also, something very important and eventful happen at the end of part one and the beginning of part two.

Posted by LOONY LOVEGOOD! from wilmington delaware on July 27, 2009 11:11 AM

Just to make people come see it, they're probably going to end the first part in the middle of "The Silver Doe" right as Ron is about to save Harry from the Horcrux as he's trying to reach the sword, so everyone thinks comes back to make sure he doesn't drown. Of course Kreacher is going to replace Dobby. I love Dobby, but they have consistantly been replacing him with Neville in the movies. They aren't going to stop replacing him, now. But I don't know how they're going to make the locket, the diadem, and the Resurrection Stone fit in, right. There is no Mundungus in the movies, how does Umbridge get the locket? And Ginny made Harry close his eyes so she could hide the book from him in the most recent movie. There was no mention of busts or tiaras. How are they supposed to know where it is? I'm not even going to start on the fact that they cut out the mirror completely. And they didn't show the memory where Marvolo Gaunt waves the ring around and says he was a decendant of the Peverells, so I don't know how they are supposed to figure out that the ring is the Resurrection Stone. And it was never mentioned that Harry inherited Sirius's things...

Posted by DVZ on July 29, 2009 2:13 PM

i really think they were surprised when the potter movie makers read ly hallows. not so much due to the fact of how long and intensly amazing it is, but because they cut out so much crucial information in the earlier films.
dobby, for one thing. it has to be dobby. fans would be heartbroken if it wasn't, and the vibe would be so different then jk intended it to be. cutting him from goblet of fire was horrid.
and the memories they chose to cut fom the HBP movie. hepzibah smith and hufflepuff's cup? and EVERY TIME I SEE THE MOVIE i pay close attention to the room of requirement scenes. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN'T FIND ANYTHING CLOSE TO A DIADEM? and marvolo gaunt with the ring and locket? i just dont understand these people sometimes.
ahh, well, at least it's split into 2 films. that's promising. as to where i think they draw the line...right after malfoy manor, when harry burries dobby at shell cottage. it would be an ideal place to cut it because malfoy manor would make a great climax, having just reunited with ron, and it would be a cliffhanger because harry is now faced with not only the greif of losing dobby, but wondering about the eye in the mirror(if it makes it in tho movie), and he knows he must decide between hallows or horcruxes. plus, the next half would start off with a bang. gringotts.

Posted by sheyanne from new zealand on August 15, 2009 6:17 PM

I just read that article about the movies and I have to say that I was a bit insulted that he said that many of the plot elements in the earlier books were removable. I haven't been happy with how the movies portrayed the books since the 2nd movie. I can only hope that I be pleasantly surprised by the 2 part ly Hallows.

Posted by living memory from New Jersey on August 30, 2009 6:40 PM

I think that the films should be split either when Harry breaks the taboo and the snatchers come, OR when they go to see xeno lovegood, when harry asks about the symbol he was wearing at bill and fleurs wedding and he replies, "are you referring to the sign of the ly hallows." Both would be good cliffhangers to end on.

Posted by Jay from Nottingham UK on September 16, 2009 07:39 AM

I feel horrible when I think about the previous movies. They cut too many things connected to the main plot and honestly they've no wish to cover their flaws.

About Dobby, I want to say that, director Mike Newell started the idea of cutting Dobby from the films. Neville replaced the elf! And then, David Yates continued this 'Dobby-Free' Harry Potter films. I hate these two men!

But I want to ask a question. I'm sure J K read all the scripts before filming. Because, we know, she told the director to add Kreacher in OotP, as he'll be important in DH. But why didn't she do the same about Dobby? Isn't his role important?

About Horcruxes, I've nothing to say. Yates made a HBP which is full of romance and other unnecessary things. I wonder how could he ignore the horcruxes? Even Harry does not know which things may be Horcruxes. No sign of Hepzibah and the cup. And in the room of requirement, Harry did not see anything which can be a diadem, as he was busy to enjoy snogging! How rubbish!

And I think, Dobby's scene be suitable for finishing the first part.

Posted by Xiangzhi Abdus from Thanchi on September 24, 2009 11:03 PM

Much has been written already about the last two films.
I find it inappropriate to end the first part when they visit Xenophilus Lovegood, or when Dobby s. It has to end as a happy note, plus there should be space left for the last film as well.
I think that the moment when they leave Gringotts via Dragon would make the happiest ending, plus this comes somewhat in the middle of the original book.

Posted by Iftikhar Kazi from Pakistan on October 10, 2009 1:05 PM

Iftikar, why does it need a happy ending? Would you call the endings of any of the previous three books happy? Cedric ed, Sirius ed, Dumbledore ed. GoF, Ootp and HBP don't end happily. There is some sort of resolution, a feeling that one stage is ended and the next is about to begin. I don't think they'll be looking for closure or a happy ending with Part 1. They'll be after a cliffhanger. Or rather something dramatic since we all know roughly how the story has to go. I've been beyond irritated with the movies from PoA onwards. Too many daft alterations and too much left out. Suspect Kreacher is going to take Dobby's place as sacrifice in DH. Okay, it work, but I think it's a pity. HBP really annoyed me because they stuck in so much of the hormonal teenage stuff which really was a subplot in the book. Why, for crying out loud, elevate a subplot at the expense of the main plot? Grrr! Still think Peter Jackson should have been kidnapped and forced to do them all. The only thing they've really got right is Radcliffe, Grint and Watson as a unit. Well, actually the whole cast. I enjoy their interaction enormously. Unfortunately I'll now have to wait until I'm a *very* cranky old lady for someone to have the nerve to remake them properly.

Posted by Elizabeth from Australia on October 19, 2009 06:34 AM

I read on a website that the end of the first film be right after they're caught by the snatchers, and the second one begin at Malfoy manor, but it might just be a rumor.

Posted by Eva from Denmark on October 20, 2009 10:09 AM

That's a pretty good place to make the cut. A moment of high tension, and the way they need to telescope a movie it probably be right after Ron's return and the destruction of the locket. It also means Part II have a really high stakes, life & opening with plenty of action.

I thought maybe they'd make the cut during the Malfoy Manor sequence at the point where Dobby (probably Kreacher) is disapparating with Harry and Bellatrix throws the knife. The last thing you see is the knife flying... and the second movie opens with Harry arriving at Shell Cottage and the of Dobby/Kreacher. I guess the only problem there is that there wouldn't be a lot of action at the start of the second part.

Posted by Elizabeth from Australia on October 21, 2009 06:11 AM

I completely agree with anyone against the directors for eg. Where is the order at the battle of hogwarts in number 6 they cant just throw in some random stuff that bill got attacked by greyback for some strange reason. And why is the weasley house on fire it shouldnt be because thats the Order HQ in number 7. Where is Mundungus not only they not be able to find Umbridge has the locket Harry wont know he has been nicking his stuff which explains the locket. I think everyone knows Mundungus is such a coward he wouldnt admit taking Harry's stuff. The main reason i want to see HP films is because of cool magical duels but when i saw HBP all i saw was Bellatrix Lestrange smashing plates in the great hall Thank You Very Much i hope the director is reading this

Posted by Sy on November 8, 2009 11:01 PM

I really do no think the director or the screenwriter or anyone else involved in the movies for that matter, cares about what we think, as long as they make the $$$$ (which they know they ) then they don't care, I think when Rowling sold her rights she should've made an agreement to have a say in everything and anything involved in the movie. If I was her, and this was my story I would be so sad as how my story is being played out in the movies.

Posted by lisa from sydney, nsw on November 17, 2009 4:35 PM

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