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Foreshadowings in Prisoner of Azkaban

by David Haber

In an interview released around the time of the theatrical premiere of Prisoner of Azkaban, an interview which is also on the Prisoner of Azkaban DVD, J.K. Rowling said, "Alfonso Cuaron had very good intuition about what would and wouldn't work. He's put things in the film that, without knowing it, foreshadow things that are going to happen in the final two books."

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Reader Comments: (Page 8)

ummmmmm..... that is a good piont but i don't see how the wierd sisters have ANYTHING to do with Regulus Black.

Posted by Kate from Wisco on November 19, 2006 12:50 PM

Please read the comments on "Who is R.A.B and where is Slytherings Locket" and you understand why Linda and I connect Regulus with the WEIRD SISTERS. Thank you

Posted by Mistral from Switzerland on November 19, 2006 2:21 PM

I am intrigued with the idea of Regulus being the hairy bass player in the Weird Sisters. If I recall, the band is mentioned in several books and in one of them (GoF, I think) the band actually plays at Hogwarts. What if Dumbledore arranged the concert so that he could speak with Regulus? Or check up on him? Very interesting....

Posted by Kim from Manchester, MA on November 19, 2006 7:55 PM

I was looking over the Order of the Phoenix book and while it's not a clue, it's interesting: Mad Eye Moody is showing Harry pictures from the first Order. Moody comments on a picture of Sirius Black, mentioning his (Black's) short hair. If Sirius Black had short hair, maybe Regulus Black had short hair and grew it long and became 'hairy'.

Posted by Linda from Fort Wayne, IN on November 20, 2006 06:46 AM

I would just like to point out that Regulus Black is , I thibk it was Dumbledore in the HBP or Snape who commented that he changed his mind and Voldemort and the D.E hunted him down and ed him for betraying them, like they did with, err, Karkeroff? Sorry, I don't ave the books to check the spelling.
Snape is good/evil. He did Dumbledore but Dumbledore had been dropping hints through out HBP that he was so maybe he ordered Snape to mercy him, so that Snape can still spy but had proven his loyalty to the end to Voldemort, and that Snape had wanted to protect Draco.
Personally, I dislike James Potter because he is nothing but a bully and we never saw anything to prove that he changed before his . I know that if I was bullied for 7years and the teachers that were supposed to be protect turned a blind eye, I would be bitter and angry. It also shows that he teaches by example, - look out for your house at all costs and don't trust the sytherins. Look at Sirius, he nearly ed both Remus and Snape by pulling the Shrieking Shack "prank" Wouldn't you want revenge on the man who nearly ed you then got off by stating it was a prank gone crazy? I think, that Snape is a spy for Dumbledore and help Harry in last battle, which is evidenced by the way he tries to protect the trio from lupin gone wolf and all of the other times.
Also, if he really was a D.E. He would have let Barty Crouch Jr. go in the 4th book.
Lily is important because, what did she do that let Harry live that was so different from all the other mothers that sacrificaed themselves for their children. I think, that she was a very smart witch and had either come up with or discovered a way to advoid A.K. thus denying Voldemort his best weapon.
And Hermione is just a very smart witch, it does happen. Just because someone is smart, doesn't mean that they are older than they look.

Posted by Kristi from Australia on November 21, 2006 4:35 PM

Just a side thought about Hermione being an older woman. Technically she is almost a year older than the rest of the trio. Remember the time turner? She used it for almost an entire year (nine monthsor so) of school. Since in the PoA it shown that time only moves in reverse for those outside of the chain then all of that hopping in time for classes would leave her slightly older. Maybe that is what Trelawney could have be accidently referring too when she called Hermione an "old maid".

Posted by Matthew from Gainesville, FL on November 21, 2006 9:21 PM

If I was a teacher at Hogwarts I would give you DETENTION! I absolutely disliked the way you wrote your comment. Whatever made you say:

I would just like to point out that Regulus Black is , I thibk it was Dumbledore in the HBP or Snape who commented that he changed his mind and Voldemort and the D.E hunted him down and ed him for betraying them, like they did with, err, Karkeroff? Sorry, I don't ave the books to check the spelling.

Before you start sending comments, please check that you have all the facts right. I am not criticizing your spelling errors, God beware; English is not my native language, but at least see to it that you have all the characters right!

It was Sirius Black who first told Harry about his brother Regulus. Dumbledore and Snape have never mentioned Regulus.

Tell me, how can you know that Regulus Black is definitely DEAD? As far as I have seen, people who send their comments to this fabulous Site know ALL the HARRY POTTERS books by heart! I thought the meaning of this Site was to send in CLUES HP readers have in their opinion found! To be sure not everything has �rhyme or reason� but we respect others opinions!

At the same time it seems to me that you cannot be a great Harry Potter Fan, or else you would not have said those things about James Potter�!
And next time, you should take care to write your comments in the proper column.

Posted by Mistral from Switzerland on November 22, 2006 05:14 AM

About the Remus/Sirius love thing, the only reason it could not be true is because Harry Potter books are still kid�s book. I doubt very very much J.K would openly 'come out' in the 7th book and declare that they were lovers. As a slash fan myself I would of course love thing theory to be proven, I've always loved a Remus/Sirius/Severus triangle *cough*. Sadly it is just fanon though.
To all the people who simply write this theory off with 'Tonks and Lupin are together in the 6th book' need better evidence. It's never stated once in the book that they were actually dating. I like to think Remus actually told her about him and Sirius and him being attracted to men, and that Tonks took it really well and they became close friends. Sorta like Will and Grace, a couple but without the sex.
A point that goes with this theory is that in
I also like to think that J.K wrote Lupin intending him to be , but who knows...

I think its common knowledge in the books that Draco is a pansy and hates mudbloods, the most significant point there is that Draco is a big coward, he ran out of a fight, and then later bottled out of ing Dumbledore.

Yes, thinking about it now the whole �you have your mothers eyes� in every book at least once makes me think. And Remus� words in the film do make you think.
�She had a way of seeing the beauty in others, even and, perhaps, most especially, when that person could not see it in themselves.�
I actually believe that this line is huge in terms of what it could mean. Harry finally realising that Snape was good after all and helping Snape maybe from ? Again with Draco. Dumbledore was trying to save Draco in his final minutes of life (yes I do believe Dumbledore is =( ) because he knew that Draco was not evil, he was confused by his family, by his fathers evilness, he almost made Draco see too that what he was doing was wrong and now maybe in the final book Harry could change Draco�s mind in an important battle that could be the beginning of the end of Voldemort.

Sirius come back as a dog, would be wonderful, but again J.K made it quite clear before OotP was published about how upset she was after ing off the character, and how she went in crying to her husband and said something like
�I�ve done it.. *tear* �
Something like that..

SNAPE IS GOOD! For every Snape hater out there, think. It makes not one bit of sense that Snape would Dumbledore if he was evil. Why you ask? Well because while Harry is chasing Snape after Dumbledore is ed and trys to case spells at Snape (which fail) Snape is still trying to teach Harry, giving him tips and then wouldn�t the number 1 supporter of Voldemort after ing Dumbledore be happy taking back the boy who lived too? He�d get double evil points surely! Snape had the perfect chance too, but still he left him. Makes no sense. I think that scene rang bells in J.K�s head. I think she knew how in the 7th book she was going to have Severus sacrifice his life to save Harry, and honestly besides the 1st book we�ve heard little about Snape protecting the group, expect the PoA film, that scene. It�s an eye opening.

Hermione being old... really gave me the shivers. Seriously. I have the image of the Shining in my head thanks! It was an interesting speech from Trelawney but I think it just upset Hermione personally because Hermione is smart when it comes to lessons she can learn from a book. I think Trelawney has mentioned something about Hermione�s character that Hermione didn�t know was true till then, and it hit her hard. I think after that scene in books and films Hermione�s actions are a little more carefree.
Besides how much trouble would J.K be in for writing about an old female dating young boys?! Sickening but interesting none the less.

Although it�s common knowledge fans that Ron and Hermione get it on soon, I believe J.K was still kind of shocked by the scenes they shared in the film. Maybe she thought she was being subtle with the situation in the books and that the films do seem to just come out and say basically that there is something there.

James and Lily are because in GoF remember the sequence where Voldemort�s wand starting revealing his victims from last to first, and the ghostly figures of James and Lily were there, and helped Harry to live.

I�m going to have to re-watch PoA later and get my brain working. This has got me really fascinated and I need to do my own detective work. ^_^

By the way Dave, your site totally rocks. I visited dumbledoreisnot before and although I firmly believe he is , whatever you write is gold. Best Potter site ever.

Posted by Leanne from England on November 22, 2006 09:13 AM

In OotP Sirius is clearly not interested in the attention he recieved from the lasv (Snapes worst memory) Come on.. Good looking, smart. You know what they say about guys like that!

Posted by Leanne from England on November 22, 2006 10:09 AM

just some things to think about:
1. Snape loving Lily? no way! when Harry sees the memory of Snape and James and Sirius start teasing him, Lily stands up for him. Then he says that he doesn't want to be protected from a mudblood. If Snape would love Lily he wouldn't call her a mudblood would he?

2. sirius and Lupin being ? when Sirius falls behind the curtain Harry is the only one that cries. Lupin doesn't cry at all!

3. every time everyone says that Slytherin only has people that are "fullblooded". But Snape and Voldemort weren't but still they came with Slytherin. weird isn't it?

Posted by dafsy from holland on November 26, 2006 09:22 AM

I don�t understand why some of you keep repeating that it is not possible that Snape was in love with Lily!.

Here we have Lily the beautiful girl, much adored by many, excellent student, star in charms class and potion class. She seems like something between Hermione and Ginny

There greasy, dark arts loving Snape, wearing greying underwear! But that does not mean that a boy like him cannot fall in love. �Ugliness� does not prevent us from falling in love. We have the example of Merope, Voldemort�s mother!

Give or take, it was an absolutely hateful thing to call Lily a Mudblood. I think the meaning of that WORD is as bad as calling a pure-blood a BLOOD TRAITOR.

But I on the other hand, I understand Snape absolutely. Here he was �teased� by the coolest group at that time and made fun of in front of the girl he either loved or admired! And let�s not forget, many onlookers who did not interfere with the famous Maurauder�s! His reactions were what in real life almost certainly always happens. So the last person Snape wanted help from was Lily Evans. At the same time we must remember that he came from a home where his father was abusing his own mother! Not a very good ROLE MODEL for the boy Snape!

And to read between the lines: What did Lily call James on that day? I quote: -I�m surprised your broomstick can get off the ground with that fat head on it. You make me SICK! Well, and that same girl married Harry�s father!

What I wanted to say with this is that a lot of times we say something, and mean exactly the opposite!

Posted by Mistral from Switzerland on November 27, 2006 02:09 AM

Hi, I gotta say, I admire everyone for all the thinking they did! thanks to you all, i began to see some connections between stuff I had never noticed before! Now this may be farfetched aswell, but in book 6, sluhorn tells us (and harry) that lilly had an extraordinary talent for potions. Now I recall him telling that when Harry is showing us and extremely advanced talent of potions aswell BUT it is not his talent, its snape's talent as he is the author of the book!
I dont think that lilly ever went out with snape but I do believe there is a connection. We have learned trough all the books that wizards who share a mutual talent, somehow have a connection. For example: being able to speak to snakes, or having a talent to fly on a broom,...

What do you think?

Posted by Manon from Belgium on November 29, 2006 3:43 PM

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