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Foreshadowings in Prisoner of Azkaban

by David Haber

In an interview released around the time of the theatrical premiere of Prisoner of Azkaban, an interview which is also on the Prisoner of Azkaban DVD, J.K. Rowling said, "Alfonso Cuaron had very good intuition about what would and wouldn't work. He's put things in the film that, without knowing it, foreshadow things that are going to happen in the final two books."

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Reader Comments: (Page 5)

There are some really interesting theories here, and I am particularly fond of the Snape/Lily notion. I had never thought of that but it makes perfect sense. And someone mentioned that Ron might betray Harry in the seventh book, which is quite a far-fetched theory but not utterly impossible. If LV promises him wealth and that his family won't be ed + that Ron gets some attention and power he might do it. He'll probalby snap out of it in the end though..

I just have one question. I am not sure if you've already answered this (or if it's mentioned in the books somewhere) but in the beginning of the fourth book, after Voldemort s the old gardener, a boy with an uncanny resemblance to Harry is described. Do we know if it is Harry, and if so, what is he doing there?

Posted by Daniel from Birmingham, England on October 13, 2006 10:38 AM

Excuse me Daniel, but if you've read the sixth book, then the 'boy with an uncanny resemblance to Harry' is indeed Voldemort aka the 16year old Tom Riddle.

And all this thing about Hrmione being an older witch could be true 'cuz she's too smart for her age.

And about the scene in PoA, I don't think Ron might betray Harry, and the reason is the difference between boys and girls. Accordin to me, girls always want to console a person who is hurt, but boys wait till the person has calmed down.

Posted by Poojitha from Dubai, U.A.E on October 15, 2006 08:58 AM

i aree with Poojitha, Ron not betray Harry. It is just that guys do not express their feelings and do not talk to their friends about anything personal like that...

Posted by Dawn from Cleveland, Ohio, USA on October 15, 2006 5:02 PM

God you're generalizing! Just because some people live in a stereotype male/female world, doesn't mean that wizards do it.. Yeah, I thought it might be Tom Riddle but I don't really remember why he's there in that time. Maybe I should read the book again.

Posted by Daniel on October 16, 2006 08:24 AM

Hermoine is not an old witch or she would have been able to defeat that mountain troll in Book 1. She describes herself as "clever and booksmart" when telling Harry that HE is a great wizard (Book 2).

Anyway, I think Hermoine meet her demise in the final book & this may have been forshadowed in the POA movie. During the time-turner sequence when Harry & Hermoine are hiding behind the pumpkins outside of Hagrid's hut watching themselves inside of Hagrid's hut, Harry see Scabbers and wants to burst into the hut and him. Hermoine stops him and says something to the effect of "you cannot go bursting in there and come face to face with yourself - you'd think you's gone mad. Dumbledore(?) told me that terrible things happen to wizards who tinker with time. We CANNOT be seen." Then, a few minutes later when the trio comes out of Hagrid's hut & Harry & Hermoine are in the tree line of the forest, Hermoine makes a comments about her hair while inadvertantly snapping a twig which makes the other Hermoine turn around and look at the tree line. You can hear Harry say "What?" and Hermoine responds "I just thought I saw... Never mind." Obviously, Hermoine has seen herself in the woods and minutes earlier she had told Harry that terrible things happen to those who meddle with time & see themselves.

Posted by AJ from PA on October 17, 2006 09:29 AM

These are all interesting points.

As to Hermione being an old witch but not able to defeat the troll by herself, there's some validity to believe that when one takes the form of a younger person, especially for an extended period of time, that person could be affected by the new situation more than they can control. So, even though Hermione would have "grown-up" knowledge, because she's currently in the life of a little girl, she gets scared like a little girl, gets crushes on young boys, etc. Just a theory.

I think you're reading way too much into her comment "bad things happen to wizards who tinker with time". I don't believe it's a "magical" effect that would be triggered by Hermione's small glimpse of herself. We're talking about direct effects of things like confronting yourself, thinking the other is an imposter for nefarious reasons, and attempting to your older self in self-defense.

Time-travel paradoxes are fun but my brain hurts now...:-)

Posted by Dave Haber from Los Angeles, CA on October 17, 2006 10:01 AM

it says: What if Hermione's really a much older witch, taking the guise of a young girl to be closer to Harry while he's at Hogwarts? Perhaps she was sent there by Dumbledore, to protect him. But what if there are sinister motives involved? It's possible that Snape's not the only "double-agent" at Hogwarts!

i find this very hard to believe. there is absolutely no (or not enough) evidence that this might be the case.
furthermore, i do not believe this is in any way like JK thinks about, and writes, her characters and books.
if, and i say if, it turns out in book 7 that hermione is indeed an older witch, i eat my hat. but i really doubt this can be true.. just too far fetched

Posted by Bart from Strijen, The Netherlands on October 17, 2006 2:36 PM

About the Ravenclaw theory: JK has said that "Ravenclaw have it's day."

Posted by Hannah on October 21, 2006 11:39 AM

"then the 'boy with an uncanny resemblance to Harry' is indeed Voldemort aka the 16year old Tom Riddle."

Why couldn't this be Harry? Time travel has already been used and therefore it's possible. Also the relics, potential Horcruxes may have powers, never tested. Who is to say that the showdown between Voldemort and Harry has to take place at a time where Voldemort is at full power? Why can't Harry have a cup of tea out have a very special teacup, and nip out to face Voldemort teenager to teenager, thereby preventing the of his own parents? Harry has mused on the topic of being taken to the train by his parents, scarless, before. What a twist!

If I'm right, then you heard it here first true believers.

Posted by Edward Zepeda from Austin, TX on October 22, 2006 4:01 PM

i have a doubt. 'boy with an uncanny resemblance to Harry'- where exactly does it come in the books.

And with respect to Zepeda's time travel theory, its an interesting one. But i think its not possible. when Rowling describes time travel in PoA, she gives the impression of a perfect synchronisation. Things that are changed by time travel, are shown to occur in the actual time too. I hope
my sentence makes sense:)

For instance, Harry sets free buckbeak only by time travel
and Hagrid on finding Buckbeak to have escaped, lets out a wild cry. This cry is actually mentioned in the book before
time travel itself 'in real time'. Only we think of it as Hagrid's cry of despair.

So i think time travel cant be used change events completely, it might just modify situations as long as they are in harmony with the actual happenings.

Posted by S.Ramanathan from Chennai, India on October 23, 2006 04:21 AM

It's true that we have seen time travel by use of an ordinary magical object within a person's lifetime, but the scenario I'm envisioning is plausable given a relic artifact with a time before one's own birth. JK could people and bring them back in an altered timeline. End the Story with and eleven year old Harry left aboard the hogwarts express by his parents.

Posted by Edward Zepeda from Austin, TX on October 23, 2006 6:58 PM

On the Ron betrayal theory. I've often wondered if Ron get fed up with being only the Chosen One's sidekick. And before I read book 6 I was convinced that Harry would end up with Hermione and the jealousy would push Ron to the dark side. I have to admit that seems unlikely now, after the two (Ron, Hermione) have found each other and Harry have too much on his hands with big V. in the next book.

Posted by Pamela from Munich on October 27, 2006 1:46 PM

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