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Foreshadowings in Prisoner of Azkaban

by David Haber

In an interview released around the time of the theatrical premiere of Prisoner of Azkaban, an interview which is also on the Prisoner of Azkaban DVD, J.K. Rowling said, "Alfonso Cuaron had very good intuition about what would and wouldn't work. He's put things in the film that, without knowing it, foreshadow things that are going to happen in the final two books."

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Reader Comments: (Page 10)

I haven't been here for a while, but this site is even more fun now than it was when I visited last.

About those foreshadowings, I'd just like to mention a few points that haven't been mentioned by the other commentators.

Draco being a bit cowardly: that showed already in PS when they have detention in the Forbidden Forest. He whimpers, "But there are werewolves in there" and from what we know now, with Fenrir Greyback being an 'old family friend' -- he has good cause to be afraid of werewolves.
He also calls for Hermione's in CoS when he says (paraphrased) 'last time a Mudblood d, I hope it'll be Granger'. So his actions in the PoA movie seem more like a logical continuation of past behaviours to me.

2. Remus telling Harry that Lily saw the good in everyone.
Why isn't anyone ever mentioning Peter? Lily certainly saw the good in Remus. She found the good in James, despite his being a prat. She would have found something good in Peter, and I have the suspicion that the 'unrequited love' theme may refer to Peter, not to Snape. Maybe Lily's life was a reward for Peter's betrayal, maybe Lily marrying James drove Peter towards Voldemort.
However, Lily would have seen the good in Snape, too. And they were both brilliant at Potions. She was good at charms (at least according to Olivander) - she could have been involved in the creation of some of those spells in the Prince's book.

3. Snape protecting Harry and friends. Yes. I think that's what he's doing all the time, from day one that Harry came to the school. Snape may have looked for signs of Lily in Harry in that first class. He saw Lily's eyes, but found James' behaviour. If he had a connection to Lily as friend/would-be or ex boyfriend, then he would be rather disappointed, and that might explain partly his resentment towards Harry. Which isn't an excuse for Snape's behaviour, of course.

Posted by sylvanawood from Germany on December 7, 2006 01:13 AM

Snape and Petunia...
I like it...
but in the case of sisters and dating, wouldn't James try to fix Lilly's sister up with his best friend instead?

Any one else able to picture Serius as a bit of a player when he was younger?
(And do we know for a fact that Vernen is Dudly's father?)

besides, this way Snape is still free to fall in love with Nacissa......

Posted by Kevin from Wisconsin on December 7, 2006 05:44 AM

I think I've got it....
Petunia doesn't hate all wizards because she was rejected by Snape..
Lilly was,by all accounts, a beautiful and charming young woman..
now if you're dating a girl like that, and she has a sister....
you're going to try and set her sister up with your best friend...... right?

any one else able to picture Sirius as a bit of a rogue in his youth?
could be he went along as James' "wingman" a few times and Petunia fell for him hard..
he is supposed to be a good looking enough guy...

I know many of you can't wait to shoot this theory at .
all I know is that this way Snape is still free to fall in love with Narcissa...
(and NO, I am not going to give up on that theory Mistral:-)

Posted by Kevin from Wisconsin on December 7, 2006 09:56 AM

I am going to back up your SNAPE LOVED NARCISSA theory, if they let KATE WINSLET play Narcissa Malfoy;-)

I have given it a serious thought but it does not work for the story. (I feel like Peter Jackson now�) but the �Petunia� having a crush on Snape, oh yes that I can support! Petunia�s words in OotP Chapter Two A PECK OF OWLS just �scream� for Snape!

This may be a crazy idea, but what if they lived in the same neighbourhood and knew each other already? She talks of her deceased sister with so much hatred. Was being selected as a witch the only motive that Petunia never wanted to talk so far about Harry�s mother?

It could well be that Snape rejected her and fell in love with the beautiful Lily (sorry Kevin�) Petunia was probably not a very charming girl to know, but full of jealousy. Neither can I see that she dated Sirius Black. I returned to PoA to Chapter TWO where it says that aunt Petunia looked out of the window when the name Black fell. I believe if she had feelings for Sirius, her reaction to the news on television, would have been stronger. Never do we get a hint (or so I believe) that Sirius Black meant anything to Petunia.

Posted by Mistral from Switzerland on December 8, 2006 10:08 AM

OK, I totally disagree with the Petunia Sirius thing. I cant picture Sirius dating her more than one blind date, and plus, Kevin, OF COURSE Vernon is Dudley's father! They look the same, act the same, and Dudley didn't see the dementors, which any wizard could. I agree with Mistral, and Mikey. Snape and Petunia---two bony black-haired people with obnoxious habits and prejudices. They are so perfetc for each other, and the theory Mikey proposed makes absolute sense.

Posted by Koby from New Jersey on December 9, 2006 07:28 AM

Ok so i also disgree with the Sirius&Petunia; thing, and this is why.
I have a new theory that has kind of been mentioned here.
What if Petunis actually saw a dementor. Maybe she is some kindof sqib. I know in the 2nd book it says that squibs are people who arent magical but come from an all magical family. But what if she actually went to Hogwarts and then dropped out cause she didnt have the magic in her. We know sqibs can see dementors cause of mrs. figg. So maybe THIS is why she resents the whole magic world. because she thouhght she was going to be a part of it but then wasnt good enough......

What do you guys think?

Posted by Kate on December 10, 2006 11:13 AM

Mistral, I was thinking Cate Blanchett should play Narcissa, but your Kate would suit just fine..mabey a little young...but thanks for trying to back me up any way:->..

ok, so no one liked my "Serius&Petunia;" about this..

There are different levels of magical ability right?
Some wizards are just not powerful enough to cast certain spells, no matter how hard they try or how much they practice...with me so far?

Ok... what if Petunia actually IS a witch, but her powers are so weak that she would have been nearly incapable of casting even the easiest spells....
what if she was SO over shadowed by her"PERFECT SISTER" at Hogwarts that she turned her back on that world forever, and any one in that world that may have lover her or been loved by her?

Dudly had his hands over his head and his eyes closed durring the dementor attact didn't he? I don't think we know for sure that he CAN'T see dementors, we only know he DIDN'T see them....

Posted by Kevin from Wisconsin on December 11, 2006 10:37 AM

It has already been confirmed by Jo that Pertunia is not a squib.... but what if she were a witch... Jo has said that Pertunia isn't a squib (See Jo's official site and Mugglenet) but Jo has never said that she isn't a witch... what if Pertunia was a witch but chose never to answer her calling and go to Hogwarts.... or did but dropped out... just an idea...

Posted by Suzanne from UK on December 11, 2006 11:06 AM

Yes, Cate Blanchett would also be a good choice. We have an agreement on this then.;-)

For that matter, any suggesting, who could play Horace Slughorn? If I presume this correctly, Warner Brother�s only selects English actors for the HP movies. Can�t think of anyone right at the moment, with the perfect �size� for Slugy!

Returning to the subject of Petunia. Fascinating that Kevin and Suzanne had the same idea about Petunia, being a witch who never answered her calling to go to Hogwarts.

We know from JO that she is a Squib and truly a MUGGLE. I went to check what Jo has to say about Petunia.
I quote: "Aunt Petunia has never performed magic, nor she ever be able to do so."

While being interviewed, JO gave her now famous "BUT".....
I wonder what Petunia knows. Could it be that she has hidden some important letters for Harry? THE LETTERS Dumbledore talked about in OotP Chapter Thirty-Seven?

Posted by Mistral from Switzerland on December 12, 2006 08:46 AM


How about Michael Caine?
Sure, he doesn't have quite the girth needed, but they've been padding actors since the first movie.

I'm sure there are others, but that's my opening offer...

Posted by Kevin from Wisconsin on December 20, 2006 05:56 AM

Well well, I was wondering what your offer would be and I must say; excellent choice. I can see Caine as "Horace Slughorn".

Clearly, I did some thinking too;-) how about "Ian Holm"? Wouldn't he be just perfect? Of course, works only IF we can forget seeing Bilbo Baggins in our mind! Let's hear what you think about my offer...

Posted by Mistral from Switzerland on December 20, 2006 12:34 PM

i've been thinking about this for a while and came up with the an almost perfect solution, look up ian reddington on google images, he has been in corronation street as a support a few times but i think he would be PERFECT

Posted by joe from my house on December 25, 2006 1:50 PM

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