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Final Deathly Hallows Debates: Who Lives and Who Dies?

We know for sure that some characters are going to die in Deathly Hallows. Last year in an interview, J.K. Rowling said that two characters die who she had not originally thought would die in the end of the story. That means at least two characters die, but probably more. And that's probably not counting Harry and/or Voldemort. So who lives and who dies? Tell us who you think will die, and more importantly, why you think so.

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Reader Comments: (Page 57)

My guess is that Neville and Luna start to fall in love with each other. Luna often doesn't realize when she's in danger, so she probably walk into a trap and when that happens, the Eaters use Luna as bait. Neville wouldn't let someone else who he loved /or go through the tourture curse until insane. Neville try to defeat whoever it was who captured Luna, but, due to his clumsiness, he make a mistake, and , and then Luna be disposable. I don't think that Ron because in an interview concerning Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, JKR said, "As if I'm going to Harry's best friend," So that said, I think that Ron and Hermione are safe and we can rule them out. Harry won't because in a children's fantasy the hero rarely s, so we can rule him out too.

Posted by Sarah from Vermont, USA on July 18, 2007 12:06 PM

Calicorey - Neville's parent's aren't . They lost their minds.

Amber - Interesting about the life s of the Weasleys.

Speaking of life s. Is there some place where a life can be passed down like from James to Harry. And if it was passed down, couldn't Snape have already fulfilled it, with the countercurse in book 1.

And back to Amber, Voldy was after the Potters because he heard part of the prophesy, he was after Harry.

And, not sure who said it right now, but Draco can not be the choosen one. Because it is someone's whose parents stood against the dark lord. For everyone still convinced it's Neville, it's not, because Voldemort choose Harry. Besides, how dumb of a conclusion to the Harry Potter series would that be, having it be Neville. It's like writing about your hero and then at the end saying he's not the hero at all.

Posted by Kelley from Lansing, MI on July 18, 2007 12:11 PM


You don't know that the Malfoy's haven't escaped Voldemort's wrath after some sort of defiance. If anything has been clearly portrayed it's Lucius' greed/thirst for power. Just because it hasn't been mentioned in the books doesn't mean it didn't/hasn't occurred.

As for the eater mark, Voldemort deceived his servants in telling them that the mark was a symbol of "equality". We all know he uses the mark as a form of control but they are branded with it because it makes them feel closer to him.

I'm just saying that J.K. Rowlings has never made anything easy for the reader to decipher so why should everything written thus far have any solid link to the prophecy. My theory is one that could be an alternative, although it is not delved into in the books albeit with immense ambiguity. Draco's nonchalant mentioning in the apparation example I gave previously. None of us truly know what happen but I think at this point anything is possible. Watch out for Draco. Constant Vigilance!

Posted by Keith from King, NC on July 18, 2007 12:13 PM

BUT, I do like Neville and I think that there is more to him that we find out. And I do think that he get Bella, or at least I'd like to see him get her.

Posted by Kelley from Lansing, MI on July 18, 2007 12:13 PM

JK Rowling is very subtle in her word choice when in the prophecy she describes the connection between Harry and Voldemort. To quote from book 5, "and either must at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives." At a glance this seems to be saying simply that one must the other. The subtlety plays in with the word "neither". She does not say "neither one" which would imply one or the other. She leaves it simply at 'neither' implying that both must .

Posted by Steve/Aubri Wiscombe from Tremonton, Ut on July 18, 2007 12:28 PM

I don't think any of the trio because JK once answered the question "who would you most like to invite to tea" and she said Ron, Harry and Hermione BEFORE asking "am I allowed to choose people who I know are ?"

But I definitely think that Snape . If the double-agent theory is true, then Lord Voldemort be -ahem- to him, and if it isn't, ie. if he is truly a Eater then I think that Harry or Dumbledore or someone get him.

Posted by Dan on July 18, 2007 12:33 PM

Isn't it funny how so many people can read the same thing or see the same movie & come up with so many different conclusions?

PoA was my favorite movie. Sure, I remember being upset over the fact they cut out the explanation of the makers of the maps & HP's patronus. But GoF was a total mess compared to the book. And in OotP, Dumbledore refers to Voldemort as the Dark Lord something he never would have said in the book seeing that only Eater called him that. Always knew that a lot would be left out of the OotP movie, but how could they not show the locket? Also, none of the movies really capture the relationship between HP & Dumbledore or Snape's feelings for HP & Umbridge came across as slightly unpleasant in the movie instead of evil.
Not to mention the fact that Ron & Hermione were given less of roles in this movie than a minor character in the book.

Don't get me wrong, I liked the OotP movie, and whoever said it before was right. If you only see the movies, you haven't really experienced the ride from reading the books.

Posted by PKJ from Middle Tennessee, USA on July 18, 2007 12:55 PM

Harry won't , come on there is no way that evil would trump good! Dumbledore is also not ! In this book I think that Neville (he was the one the prophecy was about after all) . I think that Percy(he is miserable, and needs to go) . I think that Snape to save Harry. Ultimately proving that he was good all along. I am hoping that Dumbledore be back ultimately cheating and bring others back with him.

Posted by any name on July 18, 2007 12:57 PM

I know I am on a tangent here so bear with me. What if the reason that Harry is protected is that the one person who Lord Voldemort cared about in his life happened to be Lilly? That LOVE he has and felt for Lilly is the protection that Harry has? We hear again and again that LOVE offers protection and that the ultimate sacrifice is the LOVE Lilly has for Harry? Both Harry and Tom Riddle were brought up in situations were there was not any real LOVE present. Both were scorned by their "muggle" families. Both were talented wizards who were highly respected and feared. Both used the wands from the same Phoenix bird, which cancelled out each others spells (as in the "Goblet Of Fire" book). Both were taught by Dumbledore. Both respect and fear Dumbledore. Maybe Dumbledore saw how Tom Riddle turned out and that is why he treated and tutored Harry in a different way. Remember, Dumbledore always calls Lord Voldemort by his real name, "Tom". So Dumbledore saw Lord Voldemort in a different way than any anyone else in the book. Maybe there is more concerning Harry and Lord Voldemort than Dumbledore has told Harry so far? Maybe Tom Riddle also wished he had been married to Lilly. Maybe the one thing that did Lord Voldemort in was not the fact he tried to Harry as much as by ing Lilly He ed the only person who he really LOVED? He could not live with that? Maybe in the end Harry s Lord Voldemort, and as he lay ing, he learns that Tom Riddle is his real father? (like in Star Wars between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker). At that point they make peace and heal the rift between the Wizard houses by bringing them all together under Harrys leadership? Remember, Harry is living with Lilly's side of the family. He knows nothing about his fathers side. We are all led to believe that Harrys father is Lily's husband, but are we sure? Anyway somethings to think about.

Oh, by the way. I do believe certain people in the book 7 switch sides and aid Harry at the end. Some like Peter Pettigrew do "owe" Harry their lives. I think that they pay Harry his by sacrificing themselves to protect Harry, kinda how Dumbledore always tried to protect Harry.

Posted by Calicorey from san jose ca on July 18, 2007 1:00 PM

Eric, I would say that Snape already payed his life to Harry in the first book. He saved Harry from Quirrel/Voldemort when he was trying to knock him off the broom. Harry did end up getting back on the broom himself, but if not for Snape, Quirrel would have had him off.

I really do hope that Snape is on the good side!

Posted by Annabell from RedWing, MN on July 18, 2007 1:05 PM

Harry has to , the prophecy said so. "Neither can live while the other survives." Harry misunderstands that. The prophecy is simple and clear. NEITHER can live while the other survives... it isnt meaning that 'neither can live while the other one lives.' No, it says while the other 'survives.' Its talking about the final battle; They both must . Harry has to himself.
As much as I dont like Snape; he is going to end up being good. But he . Hagrid wont... I dont think... He'll end up alone, without Harry or Dumbledore. I think the book is going to start off with s also. From the very beggining someone important , and it be the same throughout the book.

Posted by Kyle from Delhi, CA on July 18, 2007 2:14 PM

Ok, first of all Harry Potter is no longer a children's fantasy. It may have started out that way, but it really isnt anymore, its more for young teenagers and up, so its more likely for the hero to . Im sure JK want to close such a successful series with an enormous bang, so Harry is most certainly a possibility. However, im also sure she wants some happiness too, so Voldemort . There's a good chance Snape may too, Voldemort is just too fed up with his trickery.

Posted by Dylon on July 18, 2007 2:30 PM

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