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Final Deathly Hallows Debates: Who Lives and Who Dies?

We know for sure that some characters are going to die in Deathly Hallows. Last year in an interview, J.K. Rowling said that two characters die who she had not originally thought would die in the end of the story. That means at least two characters die, but probably more. And that's probably not counting Harry and/or Voldemort. So who lives and who dies? Tell us who you think will die, and more importantly, why you think so.

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Reader Comments: (Page 47)

neither can live while the other survives.
None of them can live if one survives.
What does that really mean, do they both have to ?

Posted by mr.Z on July 15, 2007 07:29 AM

If Lily sacrificed herself for Harry, and if there`s a real true character relation between she and Ginny, so perhaps Ginny sacrificed herself to save Harry from Voldemort. Ron is Rowling`s favourite so he not , and hermione is stated to be the most powerfull witch fo her age, so i think she won`t either. If Harry s, it be certainly a huge mistake of Rowling, no matter if he would be with James, lily, Dumbledore, Sirius in the "other life", it`s an awfull truly sad ending. Worse, if Harry s himself, it would be a terrible ending for a child we grown up with.

Posted by patricio from his computer on July 15, 2007 07:40 AM

The constant message in these books is that Love is the strongest magic there is...and for the series to end, Love has to be in a place where it can thrive for the future. Therefore, LOVE play a huge role in book 7. Bill/Fleur getting married, Tonks/Lupin, Ron/Hermoine, Harry/Ginny... those were not put into book 6 by coincidence.

With that in mind...I'm thinking that we keep the trio intact, and Ginny, I think you almost have to...truthfully, it's always been about the three...those poised to "bite the dust" to me are:

1. McGonagall/Hagrid - I thought she was going to bite it in book 5...and Hagrid just seems too easy
2. Tonks/Lupin - just a gut feeling on this one...
3. One of the Dursleys...not sure who...
4. Fleur/Bill...I think she's got more to do in the last book (just a hunch though)
5. Malfoy - Ron s him as he tried to curse Hermoine!
6. Bellatrix - This one is easy, she has to , at the hands of Neville/Tonks

Posted by MrFigg from lafayette, la on July 15, 2007 08:06 AM

Okay, SM, just want to say that I never said JKR didn't care about her characters, but I do know that she has said after OotP about Harry, "who says he be alive at the end of Book 7. It would be one way to stop the merchandising." If she s Harry for that reason, then shame on her for being selfish. But if she can make it believeable, I can live with that although I still be sad. I hope JKR realizes that Harry Potter belongs to the masses now and not just to her.

Posted by PKJ from Middle Tennessee, USA on July 15, 2007 08:12 AM

Ok, the last thing...doesn't it seem like a slam dunk that Trelawney has to ! By the hands of Voldemort! That seems way too easy!

Posted by MrFigg from Lafayette, LA on July 15, 2007 08:31 AM

Snape because of unbreakable vow, when ginny stupefies Malfoy. Neville bellatrix and dean and seamus may fighting.

Posted by Jahama from London on July 15, 2007 09:46 AM

I think Snape to save Harry and it all unravel why he ed Dumbledore. And it said that in the end one has to : Harry or Voldemort. I think it would be too depressing if Harry d and Voldemort lived, so I think that Voldemort .

Posted by Greg from New York City, New York on July 15, 2007 10:08 AM

Ok. im not positive on what is going to happen... but i really do think that Harry is going succeed in ing Voldemort... but I have also thought about maybe Voldemort succeeding in ing Harry. It is very difficult to try and figure out what is going to happen... So i really do think that Harry or Voldemort or who knows maybe both of them ... is it possible that they could each other at the exact same time....

Im also very sad to say that Ginny probably ..
i know that she loves Harry and that they are meant to be together i am sure of that... and i think that Ginny do anything to try and save him.. she might even go a little to far and end up getting herself ed...

From there on im have no idea who is going to ... but i really do think that more people .. perhaps Hagird or Lupin the only fatherly fiqures Harry has left... but i have also considered the fact that maybe Trealwney besides she is the one who spoke the prophecy but that has like nothing to do with it.. but who knows she might... and if i had to say one more person then i would probably say that McGonagall ...i really hope she doesnt she has always been my favorite character but i think that she could kinda be considered as the new Dumbledore.... if Dumbledore is because i refuse to accept that he really is .. i dont think Snape would have done it.. because like Dumbledore i trust Snape and i dont think he would have ed Dumbledore...

Posted by Carebear from Tulsa, Oklahoma on July 15, 2007 11:37 AM

Black: Sirius Black
White: Albus Dumbledore
Red: Rubeus Hagrid
(Alchemy ---> they / have d)

Posted by Moheas from Sydney on July 15, 2007 12:18 PM

These are some of my predictions:

Harry recieves Fawkes after Dumbledore's . Fawkes also plays a part with the fact that he gave 2 pheonix feathers to Voldemort and Harry's wands.

Snape save harry somehow, Dumbledore believed in him.

Aberfroth and Regelus Black play large roles.

Petigrew might to save HArry-he has never payed his life-. Also, Wormtail may either Lupin or Fenrir with his silver hand, fufilling the "silver s werewolves" thing.

Sirious's motorbike and 2-way-mirror play parts.

Mr. Wiesley's flying car returns

The locked door in the Department of Mysteries...where does it lead?

There was a hint of a classmate becomeing a unsepected person. I believe this to be Oliver Wood as a Quiddich coach, or Neville Longbottom as a Herbologist.

Grawp, Hagrid's half-brother, plays a large role.He probably saves someone XD

There's something that links Harry having his "Mother's eyes", his glasses, Voldemort's downfall, and the mysterious fact that Voldemort only wanted to Harry, and tryed to spare Lily Evans Potter.

And lastly, I believe that Harry . I hope he does, because I hate happy endings, and how they're so cliche. I expect more than that from J.K. Rowling.

Posted by Evan from New York on July 15, 2007 1:23 PM

I agree with -Levitch- from Sydney Australia. Hedwig should Lord Voldy. I just hope that either Lupin or Hagrid survive...although they probably won't. I think that Sirious is still alive. He never really d, he just got blown back behind the viel. Thus, he's really alive in the world, as opposed to in the world or lalive in the live world. Geez. Confustercating, huh?
I wonder what come of Tonks though...I think she has a thing for lupin...although that might just be a hunch.
I hope Neville gets his revenge, though.

I do believe that a great many of the older characters , because it is foreshadowed by Dumbledore that the new generation of wizards is taking over.

I also believe that harry , and he should. There are to many cliche books with happy endings where everyone lives. I expect more than that from J.K. Rowling.

Oh, and I think -Levitch- from Sydney, Australia was wrong about Filch getting ed by Crookshanks...I think Mrs. norris s him, just for a plot twist. Oh, and this is before Mrs. Norris and Filch have half-kitten babies, known as werecats...and they take over the world, only to be overthrown by godzilla...

Posted by Evan from New York, US on July 15, 2007 1:49 PM

If you look closely at the UK version of DH you see a pointed ear on the facing left of Harry. Is this Dobby? It looks like this pointed eared character is holding the sword behind Harry. Given this evidence Dobby s.

There is also a picture of a white stage on the UK cover art. Perhaps Harry's petronus is so powerful it is able to defeat Voldemort's AK spell and Voldemort. Or, Harry is ed and is reincarnated as his own petronus.

Posted by shortstorywriter from Bridgeport, CT US on July 15, 2007 2:35 PM

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