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Final Deathly Hallows Debates: Who Lives and Who Dies?

We know for sure that some characters are going to die in Deathly Hallows. Last year in an interview, J.K. Rowling said that two characters die who she had not originally thought would die in the end of the story. That means at least two characters die, but probably more. And that's probably not counting Harry and/or Voldemort. So who lives and who dies? Tell us who you think will die, and more importantly, why you think so.

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Reader Comments: (Page 41)

I think an epic werewolf battle (as mentioned before) occur, and the outcome mirror the outcome of Harry and Voldemort's battle. I think Harry/Lupin OR Bill win. They be saved only by the love of a woman. for Bill, the possibilities are Molly, Ginny, & Fleur; for Lupin, Tonks.

Tonks,as we all know, has the ability to change her appearance either at or because of emotion. This is unlikley, but perhaps she & Lily were friends in school &, when (if?) she throws herself in the path of Greyback to save Remus, she changes to look exactly like Lily...probably won't happen, but J.K.R does love twists...?

I honestly have no clue as to who except for Voldemort, Bellatrix, and one of the Malfoys. She said that 2 MAIN characters ...Voldemort is mentioned many, many times in every single book. AND it would anger so many Harry fans if Voldy were to live! She'd probably even get threats! it's scary but true.

also i have a theory that avada kedavera isn't really a ing curse. perhaps it traps the soul of those who it is used on, and in the end everyone that Voldy 'ed' return breifly.

Posted by Pigwidgeon from my house on July 12, 2007 8:56 PM

I'm re-reading the whole series, again, and POA mentions many times that the dementor's kiss is "Worse than ." Doesn't Dumbledore tell Tom that there are worse things than ? Maybe Voldemort doesn't , but is subjected to the dementors kiss after Harry makes him mortal again by destroying all the Horcruxes.
As for who s, it might be Hermione. JK has said that someone has to pay a price. Others I think might are Hagrid or a minor Weasley, like Percy, Charlie, or Bill. Draco turn to the good side and his father and Snape saving Harrys life. In the end, Harry be near , but Ginny's love save him.

Posted by Judi from Cortland, NY on July 12, 2007 9:51 PM

I have to say I do like the theory someone wrote about Harry's blood being in Voldemort's blood after GOF. And that if one s does it might automatically the other. That would be a very interesting twist and would pretty much end the series the way JKR says she wants it ended in a definite way....although I think our trusty smart girl Hermione or even Ginny might be able to come up with something to prevent that.....hmmmm that's something to ponder. I could aslo see Harry's wand since it contains Phoenix feather being relevant if Harry's near and I mean so near there's no saving him because phoenix's rise from the and maybe someone can use his wand on him to do something to save him. Then again I think the final battle take place beyond the veil with Harry entering and being there as a living person among the (because JKR has said we see how close a person can come to the and which lots of greek books us this theory and is considered very dangerous to try to return and you may lose your soul)and Harry may have a way out but decides to stay (which him) so he can remain with everyone he loves after ing Voldemort. I could really see him staying if Ron, Hermione and Ginny in book 7. And in OOTP movie Sirius makes a comment to Harry "not to worry when this is over we'll be a proper family" that wasn't in the book to my recollection...that kinda leads me to believe Harry may then again Luna makes a comment at end of ootp movie that forshadows Harry being with his loved ones even if it's not the way he imagines. Hinting at what may happen in the end.

Posted by sm on July 12, 2007 10:50 PM

I'm not sure that any of the Weasleys would , because if it was so, Harry would attend the ceremony, it would take several pages and I don't see what it would add to the plot. But maybe there should be a to mirror the fact there be a wedding.

Posted by herve from strasbourg on July 13, 2007 12:45 AM

Regarding this question who lives and who s, I must say that I really do not know the answer. But I want to say something else regarding �ing of the good guys� in the books. Reading the books that have been published so far, you see that a lot of people have been ed, but most of them were good guys. Also, looking at Harry�s past we see that J.K. Rowling �ed� most of the people that mean something to Harry, his parents, his godfather, his mentor. Now she is telling that two main characters , we have to assume that some of them be good guys again. All of that �good guys ings� could have a negative impact for the readers of the book, having in mind that most of them are young and lot of them are identifying themselves with the characters from the book. That is very bad thing. Some of J.K. Rowling�s friends once said that it is normal that readers are identifying themselves with characters from the book and that the book is only a fantasy and not a real life and therefore it should not be taken so seriously into consideration and debate. But I think it should, because we are talking about children here, who have different perception than adults if we are talking about reading of books. Also, J.K. Rowling was saying that all of that characters had to be ed because she said �we are dealing with the pure evil here�, but Sauron and Saruman were pure evil as well and yet, only Boromir from the fellowship of the ring was ed, nobody else. So, were all of those �good guy�s ings� necessary?

Posted by Sasa from Bosnia and Herzegovina on July 13, 2007 01:26 AM

I believe Snape has a far more significant role to play than anticipated. In HBP when Harry asks Lupin about the identity of the HBP he suggests that Harry check the date on the book, seeing it was fifty years old it automatically ruled out James, Sirius and Lupin due to the time scale. Why did it not rule out Snape who was at Hogwarts with the aforementioned. There is something deeper about the potions book. A horcrux is a possibility or the HBP take over Voldermorts mantle as the most powerfull dark Wizard? Just something puzzling me, can anyone shed any light/theories on the date of book?

Posted by Jon from Solihull, England on July 13, 2007 03:29 AM


You make some good points. How Dumbledore got the story of the night the Potters d as well as the cloak has been a big question mark for years now. I like the theory about Snape being the one under the cloak, & it makes sense. But remember Dumbledore was a powerful wizard, and as he said in HBP, magic always leaves a trace. He could have interpret the story much like he found the fake horcrux in the cave. Also maybe Lily (or James?) froze Snape & put the cloak over him when Voldemort arrived at the house much like HP when he witnessed Dumbledore's .

You write: "We're not told how or why James saved Snape's life just that he did so I think it would've had to be something big like what I described because James knew Snape needed to stay a double agent." We were told of an incident where James saved Snape's life. Dumbledore told HP in the PoA James saved Snape life in school & that was hard for Snape to deal with. Later on, we learn the story of how Sirius told Snape how to get into the whomping ow to see where Lupin went every month. James pulled Snape out before he could get to the transformed Lupin.

My theory comes from how much Snape hates HP because you can't deny he does. He can not control how he treats HP because he is reminded of James. You also can not deny that James was a bit of a bully (at least in Snape's eyes). Even Hp was appalled how his dad treated Snape. I still think that what stops Snape from crossing the line with HP is his mother's eyes.

Posted by PKJ from Middle Tennessee, USA on July 13, 2007 06:58 AM

Maybe the dementors can suck the soul embedded in the horcrux out? So maybe the dementors can help harry destroy the horcrux but we know its impossible.

Posted by Joom from singapore on July 13, 2007 07:19 AM

First, there are so many theories I've changed my mind like a million times! I agree with mostly everyone that Snape ...however I'm still not convinced whether he's good. It's just to hard to believe! To use A.K. you have to enjoy ing/causing pain on the person so that conflicts with Snape doing it on Dumbledore's orders. DUMBLEDORE IS DEAD J.K.Rowling said he wasnt going to pull a "Gandalf"

Someone from the Weasley family wll probably ... I think it be the mom or dad...or bill, percy, or charlie I liked the one that said Mrs. Weasley would saving Fleur that would patch things up with them I'm sure! come to think of it they already patched things up after Bill had been bitten.

Lupin wont but wil fight the werewolves
Hagrid probably (I love the BIG guy)
Neville or become injured
Tonks undecided

Posted by Nicole from memphis, TN on July 13, 2007 07:55 AM

Jon, I think the potions book was Eileen Prince's book. Maybe even some of the writings were from her. I guess Snape's family was pretty poor, that's why James made fun at him, and probably a good reason for him to hate James. It makes sense then that he got his mother's old books as long as it was possible.

Posted by herve from strasbourg on July 13, 2007 09:02 AM

I think the above is forgeting one thing that Mr. Weasly has already been injured in the fight against voledmort.
And if you read JKs description of the avada kedavra curse in the 4th it has nothing to do with flying up in the air floating and then falling it says that they just crumple to the ground and they are before they hit the ground.
JK has also said in an interview after one of the books that all great wizards turn into phoenixs when they and at the end of HBP harry thinks he saw a phoenix fly out of the white coffin right before they close it meaning i thing dumbledore is but he still has a place in the story.
Alos if you look at the context of what the prophecy says that one mush the other that line comes after the sentence saying that neville and harry could have both been. When it comes to english lit this would suggest that harry or neville have to for volemort to (just an idea if JK is going by english literature rules)

Posted by Andrew from Lexington, KY on July 13, 2007 09:06 AM

There are so many good reasons for Harry not to , that I'm pretty sure Jo hasn't decided to him. But she has to get rid of him, in some way. Harry being off the way would be logical. Imagine that Bellatrix is still alive, and Voldemort vainquished. She would dream to have her revenge, and Harry would be in great danger.

Now, remember what Dumbledore told Malfoy: we can hide you better than you could imagine. How: maybe by changing the appearence, and sending to the past.

Imagine now that Dumbledore is there at the end of DH, he has to go back to the past to end up his life. Why wouldn't he suggest Harry to come with him.

Harry couldn't appear as Harry. There is no new character. He should become someone we already know. And he should be present at Dumbledore's . Who could be the new Harry? Why not the hairy bass player in the Weird Sisters group? His hair would easily hide the scar!

But would he accept it? Maybe, if Ginny has already fallen in love with that guy within the end of DH. Harry would be motivated to impersonate the bass player.

If Harry spent seven years in the past under a new identity, it would make it almost impossible to ask Jo for an eighth novel.

Posted by herve from strasbourg on July 13, 2007 09:15 AM

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