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Final Deathly Hallows Debates: Who Lives and Who Dies?

We know for sure that some characters are going to die in Deathly Hallows. Last year in an interview, J.K. Rowling said that two characters die who she had not originally thought would die in the end of the story. That means at least two characters die, but probably more. And that's probably not counting Harry and/or Voldemort. So who lives and who dies? Tell us who you think will die, and more importantly, why you think so.

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Reader Comments: (Page 40)

well i think it would be Ron, or hermione including some of the members of The Order of The Pheonix in book 7.
The characters close to Harry were/are his Mother, Father, Godfather, Dumbledore, Ginny, Ron, Hermione and Hagrid. Now as Voldemort has ed James and Lily, Dumbledore too is ed by Snape, given that Sirius is too, thus it seems to be Ron is next.
As Ron is harry's best pal, so he sacrifice his life to save his friend. I think Snape as well, by protecting Harry and proving him that he is at their (his) side and simmilarly Pettigrew, who ows Harry his life protecting him too. Mr Weasley is likly to as well. I think that Voldemort ues Ginny as bait for Harry. she may if J.K wants to end it in tragedy. But i dont think so. And Neville play an important role. And finally, Voldemort would be ed by Harry not by Neville. Because Voldemort has chosen Harry, and he has marked Harry his equal not Neville.

Posted by soma shamsi from islamabad,Pakistan on July 12, 2007 09:05 AM

i am convinced that lupin .
For in the 4th book when wormtail sacrifices his arm to revive voldemort, in return voldermort gives wormtail a silver hand. and you can only a warewolf with silver(manely bullets but i suppose just silver can them)
i think that a weasle . i have a strong felling percy .

Posted by rarakins on July 12, 2007 10:30 AM

I have many theories and hypotheses about who's going to snuff it in the last book; I have since OotP. As for Harry, I do believe that he's one of Voldemort's horcruxes. (Scar). To counter the arguements that say that Harry can't be one of Voldemort's horcruxes because Voldemort possessed him and told Dumbledore to him in OotP, how do you know that Voldemort knows that Harry is one of his horcruxes? It's been made very clear in past books that Voldemort is not always the most aware. Remember how he only realized that Harry could sense his mood and see into his mind halfway into OotP when Dumbledore knew about a book beforehand? Or in HBP, when Dumbledore said that he was sure that Voldemort didn't know that he knew about his horcruxes. Voldemort could've easily transferred a part of his soul into Harry when he "marked him as his equal." It also seems to be that no one has thought that Voldemort could've, in doing so, ripped his soul up into 8 pieces, instead of 7. Either way, I'm positive Harry's going to .

Now for Ron and Hermione. I've been consoling myself with the "it's a children's book" line ever since HBP, but I think everyone who has pointed out that that didn't stop JK from ing off Sirius and Dumbledore is right. My only hope is that she s one, she s the other. We all know they're meant to be together in the end.

Snape is good. I'm sure that he'll as well, but I'm not sure how. Hagrid is probably going to as well, in my opinion, because he was the person who brought Harry into the magical world,and his is going to signify Harry leaving it. (Dying.)

Also, I believe Dudley is going to be the one to do magic. Remember in HBP, when Dumbledore visited Privet Drive and said to Vernon and Petunia, "At least he has escaped the appalling damage you have inflicted upon the unfortunate boy sitting between you"? I believe that Dumbledore knew of Dudley's powers, as did the Vernon and Petunia, but hey raised him in an environment where he hated all magic and didn't recognize it within himself.

Ever since I got the first Harry Potter for Christmas who knows how many years ago, I've lived in the world JK has created. I'm going to be depressed when it's all over.

Posted by Brittany on July 12, 2007 10:43 AM

Well, I saw OotP movie (it seemed as a two hour's trailer to me!) and near the end, Harry was laying down in the floor of the Ministry, after Voldemort's possession, Dumbledore was beside him and his friends were approaching to him, worried and exhausted. Ok, he was alive, and I could not say that "image" was kind of a foreshadow. I was always convinced Harry not , but now, that single image brought to me a feeling that Harry may be ed at the end...

Posted by Go Snape Go from buenos aires on July 12, 2007 12:43 PM

Ok, but consider this: There has been a massive cover-up conspiracy going on to protect Harry all these years--many people keeping secrets about the past, some of which we know, some of which we undoubtedly don't. Petunia has secrets, Snape has secrets, Dumbledore and Sirius had secrets, and on and on. Now, given that, has anyone else wondered if maybe there hasn't also been a massive cover-up conspiracy to protect Neville all these years? Just in case, you know. In which case, if true, many things that appear to be so might not be so, and there might be many, many secrets. Just stirrin' the pot a little. I think there's bound to be at least one great big OMG for us all in DH. And it might not be who s...

Posted by JK from California on July 12, 2007 1:42 PM

I'm pretty sure I read in a JKR interview from a long ways back that the trio all survive. Mind you, that wasn't from a totally trustable source, but still...

Also, I don't think they would , regardless. The harry horcrux thing, well, I highly highly doubt Voldy did it purposefully. I really don't think that he's a Horcrux; considering that the definition of a Horcrux is that the horcrux's owner s someone and then takes a torn portion of their soul and places it in the Horcrux. Voldy did no such thing.

However, harry might have some life force of Voldy. But I highly, highly doubt that he'll need to himself, even if this is the case, he merely would need to guard carefully... but then again, he WAS revived in GoF with the spell thinger...

One of my friends is so convinced that Arthur and Molly Weasley are going to that she and I have a bet. I think the be something that comes very unexpectedly, like Sirius and Dumbly in Phoenix and Prince. (Well, I was surprised.) Hagrid/Lupin would seriously piss me off.

Harry's not going to . Is he? Um... NO, HARRY!
He's not ... he's not ... he's not ... he's NOT! I REFUSE!

Posted by DMac from location! Location! on July 12, 2007 5:02 PM

My guess is that if Harry is a Horcrux like many people are guessing, first he find the Horcruxes and destroy them (with alot of help, of course) and he destroy the piece of soul in Voldemort's body. Then he either go through the veil to himself (he go through the veil to find out it's mystery, because he could hear voices and was convinced that dear Sirius wasn't ) or he sacrifice himself to save one of his friends or maybe one of the Order.

Posted by Alexis on July 12, 2007 5:18 PM

I believe that Ginny and the trio are safe. I know JK Rowling loves tragedy, but Harry has had so much tragedy in his life, he needs a happy ending. Also, either Lupin/Tonks both , or both live. Poor, depressed Tonks has been through so much and if Lupin d, she would also probably of grief.

I know it can be argued that these books are for children, and because of this, JKR not him. I do not think these are children's books, but it would be so cruel to Harry, after all he has suffered.

Also, creating a horcruxis pretty dark, and you don't accidentally do it. I have a theory though: what if, after hearing the prophecy, Voldy decided to make Harry a horcrux, so Harry would have to for him to . This would be one reason to explain why Voldy was so weak after trying to Harry-wouldn't splitting your soul make you pretty weak? Just some random thoughts. Can't wait till the book comes out!

Posted by Samantha from London on July 12, 2007 5:30 PM

This is to PKJ from Middle Tennessee, USA:

You mention wondering about Snape's life to James (or now I suppose transfers to Harry) theory on this is that yes Snape felt bad for being the one to tell Voldemort about the prophecy which lead to Lily's but I think that Snape may have actually been in the house when Voldemort came to James, Lily and Harry. I think he was there warning them (he'd already switched to the good side according to Dumbledore in GOF...he says PRIOR to Voldemorts downfall Snape became a spy for the order) and when Voldemort showed up James put the invisibility cloak on Snape and saved his life thus Snape owes a life as we're told in book 1. The other reason I think this is because Dumbledore tells Harry the story of how Lily didn't have to and she d to save Harry and her sacrifice put the protection in him which backfired onto Voldemort. Now, how would Dumbledore know what went on in that house unless someone told him. I don't think he was there under an invisiblility cloak because he never would've let the Potter's be ed and stand by and do nothing. I think Snape came to him after it happened and told him and also gave Dumbledore the invisibility cloak and that's how Dumbledore ended up with it and then gave it to Harry. Whether Snape had a thing for Lily....I don't know I guess we'll find out but I do think he felt responsible for telling Voldy the prophecy and was there that night. We're not told how or why James saved Snape's life just that he did so I think it would've had to be something big like what I described because James knew Snape needed to stay a double agent.

Posted by sm on July 12, 2007 7:40 PM

After reading The Mystery of Aberforth article I have a strong feeling that aberforth .

Posted by Tarz from Sydney, australia on July 12, 2007 7:56 PM

I think that is she does harry in the end, it be surprissing, but not surprising at the same time, because harry has so much in his life, yet he is not depressed, therefore a strong character. His parents and sirius were his closest family figures, and i guess you could put dumbledore in that position too.

Whhat is interesting though, is that McGonagall is a very large secondary character, who cares for everyone. In the first book, she does not want harry living with the durselys, in the fifth book, she's the only one who goes to trelawney when being fired, and is caring and concerned for her. It may be not a huge deal if SHE s, but i don't think she sinse all JK is doing is building up liking for the characters, then ing them.

Ginny is a strong person, and i didn't like that harry broke up with her in the last book, but i could still understand it. It is like a spiderman deal. We've liked neville for a long time, and if he s voldemort, it might screw the prophecy up just a little bit, since harry was the direct choosen one. but it might not, you never know.

Posted by JEzz from Colorado on July 12, 2007 8:02 PM

i think that neville end up ing voldy after harry s in battle because JKR would not mention neville to harry about him being the other chosen one unless he did something big in the end

Posted by unknown from somewhere on July 12, 2007 8:42 PM

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