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Final Deathly Hallows Debates: Who Lives and Who Dies?

We know for sure that some characters are going to die in Deathly Hallows. Last year in an interview, J.K. Rowling said that two characters die who she had not originally thought would die in the end of the story. That means at least two characters die, but probably more. And that's probably not counting Harry and/or Voldemort. So who lives and who dies? Tell us who you think will die, and more importantly, why you think so.

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Reader Comments: (Page 38)

I was re-reading Sorcerer�s Stone again in preparation (yeah, I left it a bit late...) and I came to the school song.

Page 128, US hardcover: "Everyone finished the song at different times. At last, only the Weasley twins were left singing to a very slow march."

I have always wondered why, when Fred and George were usually very upbeat personalities, they were singing a dirge. Perhaps this is foreshadowing, but of what? A march - are they going to ? They were the last ones left singing - are they going to be the only Weasley survivors? Jo did kind of say it's a bloodbath, but, compared to her other books, three or four main character s is a bloodbath (as opposed to the normal one). I certainly hope that more than two Weasleys survive (I'm rooting for them all, actually, however unlikely that may be) but if this is foreshadowing, it seems to indicate that they either cause or be in mourning.

Posted by Monkeeshrines from orlando fl on July 11, 2007 12:21 PM

Coming to this debate quite late - so many posts - that teach me to work! Boy have these posts made me think!

Very early on in this discussion someone suggested that Ginny might protecting Harry, and then Voldemort would try to Harry and because all the Horcruxes had gone. This makes sense although I did not agree with this suggestion for a long, long time, I could not see the sense in it before. It would, essentially, allow Harry to live while removing Voldemort.

I really want Harry to live - my problem is how well JKR can finish it so that people do not clamour for more books, and more books. Well, look what happened to Conan Doyle and 'Sherlock Holmes'. Can JKR construct a book wherein Voldemort s and Harry lives without needing to write another book? I wonder - no Harry = huge pressure to write another book.

JKR in her recent interview with Jonathan Ross joked there would be a 'bloodbath' then retracted this description (as I suspect it implied lots of blood when it simply means lots of s) and she mentioned that she got upset in a chapter near the end - not at the end - so I suspect there is a major battle towards the end of the book (although perhaps not all in one place) and everyone be involved; this come several chapters from the final epilogue.

Neville not I think, but many of the peripheral characters in the order like Tonks, Kingsley etc., are at risk, as are most of the Weasley family (weight of numbers means some Weasley must ), I would hope that it is not Ginny though, having found a deep happiness with someone in the wizarding world, for Harry her would be so cruel - I have a feeling that Ron might but I have a friend who adores Ron so am trying not to think about that one too much.

Voldemort's is certain, otherwise there be demands for a further book ("Harry vs. Voldemort - The Evil Returns"), and Bellatrix Lestrange. I keep thinking about JKR hinting to the film maker's that leaving Kreacher out would be a 'bad idea' too - a dream team of Bella and Kreacher, between them they ed Sirius, so.......... Lucius be freed from prison and in battle, Draco is also a long shot but after his tower top vacillations - redeemable. (I keep remembering Dumbledore's statement that they could hide someone more effectively than Draco could imagine. A nagging voice keeps asking me - who is still alive that we think ?)

Beyond my suspicions it's a bit of a lottery really, everyone is at risk - no-one is beyond the reach of JKR's pen - well except Dumbledore and Sirius - and I wonder - they help Harry find the Horcruxes from beyond the veil?

Posted by Marjorie from New Zealand on July 11, 2007 1:09 PM

Why did snape switch sides to begin with, thats what i wanna kno. What provoked him to stop being a eater, the book never explains that. To me snape seems like a more intelligant wormtail. Jumping on the side that suit him best. Thats what i think of snape

Posted by andy from arizona on July 11, 2007 3:46 PM

While unfortunately I believe that many characters are destined to meet an untimely fate I believe (as utterly depressing as it is) that Harry and Ron together. My reasoning is this: in Prisoner of Azkaban there is a scene in which Harry and Ron are eating Christmas dinner at Hogwarts with Dumbledore, Trelawney, and a few other students. Ron and Harry stand up at the same time, at which point Trelawney cries out that since the number of people at the table adds up to 13, the first person to stand . They stood up together. Constant evidence as proven that while Trelawney may be a bit batty, she usually does know what she is talking about (i.e. her prophecies). Plus it would be fitting if the two best friends went down together for the greater good of everyone.

Posted by Christine from Ohio on July 11, 2007 4:00 PM

Firstly - great website.
I have been a massive fan of the series throughout and I am now 21 years old. As the books have progressed, they have notably become darker and more emotional. This trend continue. Unfortunately, as a primarily children target aunce, I can't see Harry . I do think close family/friends continue to around him though. I imagine Ginny as she is probably the closest girl he has ever been involved with, after his mum. Then, pure guesswork really, having read all the comments everyone has vaild points but none have properly convinced me. I think it either be Hagrid, or Snape, as the 2nd big character to : the close relationship between Harry and Hagrid being the factor for Hagrid's i.e hurting Harry once more with another close , and the Snape theory as many have said, because he is protecting Harry and would be a twist in the tail.

Just quietly - Ive never really liked Lupin. Anyone else agree?! He's just never done it for me. Therefore im not really bothered what happens to him! But I guess he may .

What I would really like to see, though, is for Ron to and Harry and Hermione get together as people used to think might happen in the earlier books. Go on, do it!

Posted by Oliver from Rugby on July 11, 2007 4:05 PM


Sorry, but Dumbledore said in HBP that only 6 horcruxs can be made with the 7th piece the part that remains in the body. Just for the sake of argument, you may say that Voldemort figured a way to make many more. That is not realistic though. JKR has to limit them to a realistic number, or you could say that there are hundreds of horcrux out there. HP has to have a chance to get rid of the remaining 4 and then go after Voldemort.

After watching the movie OotP, I am more convinced that it take all of HP's friends to defeat Voldemort especially Ginny.

Posted by PKJ from Middle Tennessee, USA on July 11, 2007 5:26 PM

It really pains me to say this, but I'm pretty sure Harry Potter is . With the prophecy and all the struggles that he's already won, it almost seems like "it's his time". It's been said many times that Harry has done more than adult wizards; he has power beyond his years. He is physically only 17, but he has this amazing power, overshadowed by this great responsibility to avenge the s of so many people and save the wizarding world by finding/destroying the remaining horcruxes and finally ing Voldemort. I think he succeed with the help of the Order and DA. And though we all be sad that Harry d (I know I'll be crying), Harry not only be glorified forever, but he be with Sirius, Dumbledore and his parents once again.
That said, there's a better chance that he's the one character the Rowling saves. She's a children's writer. She has fans and publishers that she needs to keep happy. It could be career suicide to him.
But who in his place? Even if Harry wasn't the one who was supposed to , it's going to be 2 people that are going to have a large effect on him. These people could be: Ron and Hermione (his two best friends), Ginny (the girl he loves), Mr. and Mrs. Weasley (his "parents"), Hagrid or Lupin.
More than 2 people are . This is going to be a hard book to finish, and I'm sad to see the series end.
Oh, and Snape = good. We for sure find out why he changed and how Dumbledore knew this, but he is for the order. Dumbledore told Snape to him, and when he said "Please Severus", he was asking Snape to him, so that they wouldn't lose their spy. It was all for a greater cause. Draco probably end up good, too. He's just doesn�t have enough courage to do what he wants rather than what he's told.

Posted by Teresa from San Diego, CA on July 11, 2007 5:49 PM

I definetly think snape is bad. He is a eater through and through. Dumbledore himself says he can make mistakes. With that said, I also think snape has the potential to be good. Obviously harry wants snape too ... duh? He just ed dumbledore! Harry hunt snape down and *attempt* and maybe succeed in ing Snape. Lord Voldemort or Harry . The prophecy says to me that one of them must survive if the other s. Hagrid would not , he hasn't had an action roll throughout the series. Grawp wouldn't , he's minor. The trio survive as well I think.

Posted by Tim from California on July 11, 2007 9:26 PM

i think harry and neville voledemort. off of that... what if neville was the real person from the proficy and harry was the wrong person all along! i think that's what's going 2 happen totally and completely oh and i think ron as well

Posted by lover24horse on July 11, 2007 9:51 PM

i think harry have to for the dark lord to but i think he reunite with his mam and dad, sirius and dumbledore. i also think snape malfoy lupin molly fred and ginny too and i also hope the lestranges .

Posted by graham from england on July 11, 2007 10:47 PM

R.A.B. be Remus Lupin, brother of Sirius, who changed his name because he was ashamed of Sirius getting thrown in jail and Regulus joining the eaters.

Wormtail repay Harry by telling him the location of the final horcrux.

The trio and Ginny face Voldemort together. After a long battle, Ron and Hermione in each other's arms declaring their love for each other. In the epilogue, Harry and Ginny be married and have a pair of twins, a boy and a girl, named Ron and Hermione in honor of their fallen friends. Neville is the person who go on to become a Hogwarts teacher (Herbology).

Also to include:
1. Hagrid (one of Harry's remaining father figures)
2. Remus Lupin (one of Harry's remaining father figures)
3. Snape
4. All of the Malfoys
5. All of the Eaters

Finally, Hogwarts remain open with Bill Weasley being the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.

I know a lot of this seems far fetched, but this is a theory I have.

Posted by Eric from Crossroads of America on July 11, 2007 11:13 PM

I say: Lupin is (which may cause tonks to commit suicide, though this is unlikely), Harry and Ron survive, JKR said in an interview, "like I'm going to Harry's best friend," and if Harry's he can't have a best friend anymore, in the same interview, she said that people never worry about Hermione, but I don't think we need to, not because she isn't vulnerable, if you look through the books, there is a lot of forshadowing of her , but most of it is in POA and back. I have a book that says in a Barnes & Noble interview in which someone asked her if the trio was going to make it out of the last book alive, and surprizingly, she answered yes, so either she is one of the originally unintended s, or she isn't going to . Since ther are two unintended s, that suggests to me that she is ing off couples, so no one ends up alone. the reprieve is probably snape. the unintended s are probably Mr. and Mrs.weasley, there is nothing to forshadow their s except they are parental figures. Also, Wormtail , as draco, Voldemort, and Bellatrix (who's fitting fate would be to be tortured to by Neville, forced to become a ghost, and share the U-bend with moaning myrtle!)

Posted by anonymous on July 12, 2007 01:19 AM

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