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Final Deathly Hallows Debates: Who Lives and Who Dies?

We know for sure that some characters are going to die in Deathly Hallows. Last year in an interview, J.K. Rowling said that two characters die who she had not originally thought would die in the end of the story. That means at least two characters die, but probably more. And that's probably not counting Harry and/or Voldemort. So who lives and who dies? Tell us who you think will die, and more importantly, why you think so.

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Reader Comments: (Page 32)

Could dumbledore be re-born as a child in book 7? In the philosophers stone, when dumbledore was talking about phoenixes he said something like, they burst into flames when it is time for them to , and then they are re-born from the ashes. Well dumbledore burst into flames at his , could he be reborn from the ashes?

Posted by Lucy from London on July 8, 2007 1:55 PM

Rowling said there be lots of s in 7. She also said that she ed two that were not planned and saved one that was marked for . What if the one that she saved was Harry and the two that are Ron and Hermoine?

Of the major characters, I think Hagrid and Snape .I don't have any thoughts about the others. However it seems that Voldemort have to so Harry can accomplish his mission. To me the series wouldn't make sense if Harry didn't succeed in defeating Voldemort.

I first thought that Harry could win by just vanquishing Voldemort without ing him. But now I realize that this happened before when Harry was a baby and it didn't really work cause Voldy came back. So this time around Harry needs to finish him off for good.

Posted by Ellen from Pasadena CA on July 8, 2007 2:33 PM

First off, I don't think Ron or Hermonie .
I think that Aunt Petunia be the one who uses magic. I'm not too sure about who s, though. Maybe it be Dumbledore, since some people think he has not d. Maybe Lupin. I don't know, but we'll find out soon!

Posted by Meghan from ? on July 8, 2007 4:03 PM

Something is definitely going to happen to Harry. Repeatedly JKR has hinted of this. She said in one interview that although Harry would be alive at the end of the last book, he may not reach adulthood. In a more recent one, the following conversation, not quite word for word, took place:

REPORTER: So what Harry do after the books?
JK: How do you know he'll be alive?
REPORTER: So he might ?
JK: It would be one way to get rid of the merchandising.

Putting aside her prod at the merchandising, it is clear that something is going to happen to Harry. I don't think he'll yet, but something happen to him that eventually cut short his life. In another interview, JK said that Harry's story would end in a way that it couldn't be continued.

Posted by Connor K from Rigby, ID on July 8, 2007 4:44 PM

Meghan from?:

Aunt Petunia not be the one doing magic in DH. JKR already said that she won't be the one although there is more to her then meets the eye.

I'm not sure why everyone thinks Hagrid . Is it just to make the storyline more tragic? I can't see it myself. HP said "there's no Hogwarts without you, Hagrid." That is a big clue that he could be safe.

Posted by PKJ from M'boro, TN on July 8, 2007 5:52 PM

Meghan.. I agree with you... I thought Petunia, or at least Filch..maybe even Mrs. Figg... but JKR, having already said 'there is more to Petunia than meets the eye', in one public statement said that it isn't Petunia.

I still am in a complete bewilderment as to why people think Dumbledore has one, or more than one Horcrux! Dumbledore who values a 'whole soul' and who teaches just this sort of thing. Dumbledore was particularly fierce that Hogwarts have nothing in the libraries or classes about Horcruxes... why would he then have one, let alone more than one? The whole point of Horcruxes is that they are for those afraid of (not Dumbledore) and that they are a 'bad guy thing' not a 'good guy thing'. Hence I cannot see Harry making or using a Horcrux nor Dumbledore, nor any of those they have taught.

If I am wrong about this and Horcruxes are going to, or Have already, saved characters other than Voldemort PLEASE show me where the text gives me this clue so I can be ready for book 7.

Posted by Charlie Tarbox from Gettysburg, Pa on July 8, 2007 6:13 PM

I think that lupin

Posted by jay from ? on July 8, 2007 8:46 PM

I think that a good number of characters , two of whom were not originally intended to (as Rowling has stated). I'm not sure who those two are and I'm not going to guess. However, those who I think are:

1. Mr. Weasley: his would cause even more rage to cumulate within Harry and could fuel any and all of the Weasley children to do something extraordinary.
2. Grawp: he is going to to save Hagrid.
3. Lupin and Fenrir: they are both going to get into a giant battle and each other in the process. Bill might be included in this drama as well.
4. Voldemort: this one needs no explanation.
5. Wormtail: he owes Harry a life . He be forced to to protect Harry from Voldemort.
6. Bellatrix: Neville her, possibly with the help of Luna (quick side note: Neville and Luna are probably going to hook up).
7. A Weasley besides Mr. Weasley: It probably won't be Bill (he's already mangled), probably not Charlie (he doesn't play that big of a role), and probable not Percy (everyone wants to see him ). It most likely not be one fo the twins, though I'm not ruling them out. Ron and Ginny are both, sadly, likely candidates for (especially Ginny, given her relationship with Harry).
8. Harry: he might have to in order to insure the of Voldemort (more one this later).

A few more predictions:

1. Even if Ron does , he and Hermione hook up or something by the end.
2. Even if Ginny does , her and Harry get back together.
3. Aberforth have a dynamic role.
4. Fudge join the Order or have a least a large part in defeating Voldemort and the Eaters.
5. Non of the Malfoys be seriously harmed. Lucius is safe in Azkaban, and Draco and Narcissa be protected from Voldemort by Snape.
6. Snape ultimately be the true hero of the story. He keep up the charade of being on Voldemort's side so as to infiltrate the Eater's ranks and therefore protect Harry. However, Harry not be aware of Snape's true allegience until the end.
7. This is the 'crazy part', you could say: Harry find and destroy all but the final Horcrux before he battles Voldemort. Now, Voldemort is, along with Harry, Snape, and the entire wizarding world, not aware of this, but the reason why Harry couldn't find the last Horcrux was because he didn't need to go looking for it in the first place. When Voldemort ed James and Lily, he inadvertently made Harry into the seventh Horcrux. Like Dumbledore told Harry, when Voldemort gave him the scare, he transfered some of his powers into Harry, ie., he transfered half of his remaining soul into Harry. Now, Harry still had and has full control of himself, but this is why he has all the special connections to Voldemort. Like the prophecy says, the Dark Lord make him his equal. He made Harry his equal be essentially making him him. Now, during the Harry-Voldemort Battle, Voldemort Harry, even after Wormtail sacrifices himself to save Harry's life. Snape, who up to this point still would be keeping his charade, finally attacks Voldermort and, since the seventh Horcrux would finally be destroyed, Voldemort would finally and completely .

Posted by Ryan from Beloit, WI on July 8, 2007 10:12 PM

Ellen: it didn't work because Voldemort had operating horcruxes. If the horcruxes are neutralized, Voldemort can be deprived from his soul.

Posted by herve from strasbourg on July 9, 2007 12:54 AM

It is really a miracle how several thousand pages united so many people. I am from Ukraine. Also have a degree in literature (referring to JK from California) and my 55 years old father and I are waiting impatiently when a friend of mine brings me a copy of the last book from the US because we haven't got them in English here. Because reading HP in translation doesn't give a complete impression.
my personal thought is that Snape . Of course at least one of the teachers: Trelawney, professor Sprout ( be substituted by Neville), Hagrid... not McGonagall.
Someone of the Weasleys WILL . Probably one of the Twins....
I don't believe anyone of the trio be anything but badly hurt. There SHOULD be happy couples in the end.
And definitely NOT Harry. And somehow I don't believe something wrong happens with Tonks and Lupin.
It is absolutely wrong idea Petunia use magic. She is non-magical, remember? A person �able to do magic late in life� is either Arabella Figg or Argus Filch (more likely, remember his Kwikspell courses?) and probably as well.
Of course Voldemort . But I don't think he be simply ed by Harry. Something more complicated happen. Something like he himself somehow because something goes wrong (remember triumphant glimpse in Dumbledore's eyes and drinking Unicorn blood).
Anyway it be exciting.
I am a bad fortune-teller but that is what I think.

Posted by Olga from Nikolaev, Ukraine on July 9, 2007 01:15 AM

i totally agree about aunt petunia.
or atleast one of the dursleys.
and grawp, hes yet to play his role in the story and i think hes there for a purpose.

and has anyone considered that hogwarts itself is a horcrux?
i think thats pretty likely.

the likelyhood of jk ing of harry is pretty hug because thatl stop her being forced to write more books?

and this might sound deluded but i swear sirius isnt !
that was so shifty and left floating up in the air a bit yeah?

im so excited!

Posted by ashlee from australia nsw on July 9, 2007 01:52 AM

i think that the trio not , come on people, its a childrens series! having said that, JK "ed off" sirius and dumbledore, neither of which i think are , so it is a possibility, however, very unlikely.

there is a possibility that ginny , molly didnt see her body lying in the boggart scene in Ootp, either that, or, being the 7th child in a magical family, she go on to help harry ultimately defeat voldemort.

as for harry himself , that idea, i think, is ridiculous, after all, what would be the point in that.

we know that there is a link between dumbledore and fawkes, his phoenix...also a strong link between fawkes and fire, and wasnt dumbledores coffin smothered in flames at his ? also in HBP, when harry and dumbledore are surrounded by the inferius, fire is used to ward them off and get them to safety. we know that rons brother charlie works with dragons, and there is a lot of mention of dragons throughout the series. i think that dumbledore is going to come back as a dragon, and as fire seems to be a way of shielding from darkness, would this be how voldemort is ed, as voldemort is definitely going to snuff it.

pettigrew has a to pay to harry, so i can see him , im just not sure how, as does snape, because james potter saved his life, and being , passed this onto harry. so these two characters are also going to .

pettigrew is going to greyback the werewolf somehow, because of his silver hand, and werewolves can only be ed by anything silver, pettigrew could later from his injuries? havent thought that one through properly though.

i dont think hagrid , in the scene in HBP when the eaters are throwing curses at him, they "bounce off" because of his giant blood. hagrid play a part in weakening voldemort, but not ing him, maybe by destroying a horcrux.

i think that petunia has a high chance of as well, but not before she has told harry all she knows, and she could possible end up performing a bit of magic, maybe she is so scared of that world because she has shown that she can be a part of it and that terrifies her.

as for any other characters, i cant think of any other reason as to how they would , apart from some members of dumbledore's army, such as luna lovegood.

Posted by HJ Hudson from Sunderland, England on July 9, 2007 03:16 AM

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