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Final Deathly Hallows Debates: Unanswered Septology Questions

Like Hogwarts Castle itself, the Harry Potter books hold many mysteries, and have many hidden secrets. Hopefully, most of these mysteries will be answered in the final book. Is something funny going on at St. Mungos? What ever happened to Sirius' two-way mirrors? Where is Fawkes? There are so many others. What mystery are you most looking forward to being answered, and how do you think it will come out?

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Reader Comments: (Page 7)

I heard that JK said something very interesting about who Harry 'end up with' at the end. She says that looking at the online forums, people have touched upon it but no one has really gotten it yet.

This means no happy ending for Harry/Ginny.

Maybe it be Harry/Luna? There most definitely are less Harry/Luna shippers than Harry/Ginny ones....personally I dont think Harry end up with any love intrest...but I just thought I'd share what I had heard!

Posted by Missy from California on June 26, 2007 03:16 AM

I was just reading the HBP and there were 2 things that I have never noticed before that really got me thinking. The first thing that I realised, was that Rowling gave us a foreshadow of what happen to, in my opinion, either Harry or Neville. She gives us a foreshadow in a song, which slughorn sings when he and Hagrid are drunk after they bury Aragog. The song is about a wizard called Odo. (Page.456) "And Odo the hero, they bore him back home, To the place that he'd known as a lad, they laid him to rest with his hat inside-out, and his wand snapped in two which was sad." What if the person, Odo, is also Harry or Neville? That one of them is the hero and they and they bring him back to the place where he was born and lay him to rest?

Another thing that puzzled me was snape being the half-blood prince. In the chapter, A very Frosty Christmas, Harry looks up the date of the book in the cover and it says that the book was fifty years old. Then Harry thinks that it cant have been his father who was the half-blood prince because neither his father nor his fathers friends where at the school at the time, so that means Snape was not at the school. But if he was not at the school how can he be the half-blood prince?

Posted by Sundancer from Ontario, Canada on June 26, 2007 04:30 AM

I am looking forward to this question being answered:

What is the connection between Sirius and Malfoy?

Because Sirius and Malfoy are distinctly related - when Sirius and Harry are looking at Sirius' family tree in Grimmauld Place in the fifth book, Sirius explains that they are related. Will his have a purpose in the seventh book? Will Malfoy somehow help Sirius to help Harry defeat Voldemort? Why spend so much time describing the family tree if it is of no significance at all?

Posted by Helene from Newcastle on June 26, 2007 05:47 AM

There is a rumor that Grimauld Place is a hiding place of a horcrux. I mean if you look at it this way it makes total sense. In OTP they are cleaning the house and Harry's comment "they were waging war against the house and the house was winning aided by Kreature" could this actually by the hiding place of a horcrux? Regulus was a eater after all maybe the thing he got in over his head in was hiding the horcrux IN his house! Is father also put a lot of protection spells on the house. Could this by why or did they just want to be left alone?

Posted by Jen from CAlifornia on June 26, 2007 07:42 AM

Sundancer- The potions book belonged to Snape's mother, Eileen Prince. It was passed down to him. It explains it on pg 637 of HBP.

Posted by Rachel from East Meadow, NY on June 26, 2007 08:03 AM

Jen from California- there is most likely a horcrux in Grimmauld Place. On page 116 of OoTP they are cleaning the house and it says: "they found a heavy locket that none of them could open." This is most likely Slytherin's Locket and the fact that it was found at Grimmauld Place makes perfect sense since R.A.B. was to have found it and he is figured to be Sirius' brother Regulas

Posted by Alicia from Merrick, NY on June 26, 2007 08:08 AM

I think that Fawkes have finally d when Dumbledore d (yes, I do believe dumbledore is ). I know pheonixes are supposedly immortal, but Fawkes was so loyal to Dumbledore that maybe he just could not stand living without him.

Posted by Shmabz Babz from Kent on June 26, 2007 09:14 AM

Oh Gosh, so many questions.. I really hope all of them would be answered on the 7th book!

*What did Dumbledore saw when he drank the potion at the cave? Was it the draught of the living he drank? Or was he reliving something awful from his/Voldemort's past?

*What is the last horcrux? Is it Harry's scar? If so, what he do to remove his horcrux scar? Will Harry make his own horcrux too?

*What are the roles these magical creatures would have on the 7th book: Norbert, Witherwings, Fawkes, Fluffly?

*What does the "gleam of triumph" mean on Dumbledore's eyes, on the GoF book? Will Harry's blood protect him from being ed by Voldemort?

*What did James and Lily did that made them defy Voldemort thrice?

*What were the real happenings the night of the at Godric's Hollow? Why was Lily Potter almost spared from ing by Voldemort?

*Will Draco and Narcissa Malfoy shift their loyalties from Voldemort to the Order of the Phoenix? Will the OOTP allow the Malfoys to join them too, or they have a give&take; relationship only?.. until both sides are safe & satisfied?

*How are horcruxes specifically made? What are the spells or preparations for it to be done?

*What happen to Ginny and Harry? To Hermione and Ron? Will we be witnesses of their love stories in the ly Hallows?

*Why did Dumbledore have James' invisibility cloak? When did James give it to Dumbledore? Or was Dumbledore there at Godric's Hollow the night the Potters were ed?

*Dumbledore's is very curious. Something about it is just not right.. Is he really ?

*Where does Snape's loyalties lie? Is he really on the good side (i hope so! i trust him e)or on the evil side? Will he by saving Harry? What does he mean when he told Harry that he is not a coward?

* What would happen to the Pensieve and all of the recollected memories? Will all of them be given to Harry? (Dumbledore's )

*And lastly, our hero, Harry ?

Posted by Ashley from Baguio City, Philippines on June 26, 2007 09:25 AM

When Petunia received a Howler, was it really Dumbledore's voice, or another one, or a mix-up of Dumbledore and another one? (Something coming from Dumbledore's memory?Voldemort speaking?)

As Dumbledore said, he didn't go into hiding when he was expelled from Hogwarts. Where was he? Was he still visible and how did he conceal his real appearance? Did he become someone else? Then, is Filch or Aberforth another appearance of Dumbledore?

Dumbledore foresees many things and can blindly trust Snape. Is he a Seer? Did he already live some scenes in The ly Hallows and use a time-turner to come back?

Dumbledore tells Harry about Nitwit, Blubber, Tweak and Oddment. Could they be surnames for other persons? Are they related to the four remaining Horcruxes? Who are they? Pettigrew? Slughorn? Mme Pince? Mundungus? Ollivander? Aberforth?

In arithmancy, the four founders' first names gather to totalize 999. So does "the ly hallows". Did Jo intend to do it this way and what does it mean?

Posted by herve from strasbourg on June 26, 2007 09:29 AM

1. How did Snape deflect Harry's crucio curse when Mad Eye Moddy says The unforgivable curses are unblockable?
2. Where gryffindors sword go now Dumbledore has gone?
3. Where is Olivander and Florean?
4. Couldnt the Ghosts help fight the Eaters?
5. Why has Aberforth never been revealed as Dumbledores brother?
6. How do you destroy a hocrux (just hit it?)?
7. How are they going to get rid of the vanishing cabinet so the Eaters not return to Hogwarts?
8. Will there be a dementor attack on Hogwarts?
9. Who is the new defence against the arts teacher?
10. Can they not use time turners to save Dumbledore?
11. Where is the four founders resting place?
12. Don't the other three finders have a chamber just like slytherin?
13. Where's Fluffy the dog?
14. Will the mirror of erised be seen again?
15. How can 'love' help Harry?
16. Will harry return to the room of requirement to get the half blood princes (snapes) book back.

Posted by EssexBoy from Essex on June 26, 2007 10:44 AM

ok i dont exactly understand phoenixes, when they , is a new one born, another soul, or the same phoenix (which would technically make them immortal) and can any immortal being CHOOSE to ?

Posted by Dvin from Glendale, CA on June 26, 2007 1:45 PM

Nitwit, oddment, blubber, tweak...I think these refer to the four horcruxes and the people who be instrumental in finding and destroying them.

Oddment - Aberforth (Moody calls him odd)
Blubber - Hagrid (he weeps easily with emotion) or possibly
Slughorn refering to his fat.
Tweak - Dobby or Kreacher (when Harry summonds them in HBP to get them to follow Malfoy and they are fighting, the word tweaky is used by Peeves to taunt them)
Nitwit - I'm not sure - possibly Zacharias Smith

Posted by Joe from England on June 26, 2007 2:03 PM

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