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Final Deathly Hallows Debates: Unanswered Septology Questions

Like Hogwarts Castle itself, the Harry Potter books hold many mysteries, and have many hidden secrets. Hopefully, most of these mysteries will be answered in the final book. Is something funny going on at St. Mungos? What ever happened to Sirius' two-way mirrors? Where is Fawkes? There are so many others. What mystery are you most looking forward to being answered, and how do you think it will come out?

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Reader Comments: (Page 35)

Thanks for liking my theory. Yes, I agree with you there is a really good chance that Dumbledore is an animagus, and although (being a bit dense at times) I had never considered Voldemort could be an animagus - well yes of course he could. Whose to say it was Nagini at the MoM who attacked Arthur - could easily have been Voldemort in animagus form.

Go Snape Go.

Sorry if I confused you - I wrote that blurb late last night. Right, what I meant was, assuming Lily foresaw the events - this meant she knew that Voldemort was going to act upon the prophecy, and she knew it was Harry he was going to come for. Because the future is not set in stone the whole event could have been prevented IF they made Dumbledore the Secret Keeper - if he were Secret Keeper he would not have told Voldemort and therefore all that happened that night would not have come to pass, and Harry would not have been in the position he is today. IF Lily was a Seer and she did foresee the events it means she chose not to prevent them, it is like the opposite of Voldemort - he heard the prophecy (or part of it) and acted in haste to prevent it happening, whereas Lily saw her own 'prophecy' and did not try to prevent it happening. Instead she chose to equip her son the best way she could - she sacrificed her own life and gave the wizarding the world their only chance of defeating Voldemort. It also explains why neither Lily nor James apparated from the house, and why Harry was still in his cot in the house even after James was .

Posted by Orlando from England on July 18, 2007 11:00 AM

I get the feeling that Hagrid's good nature towards all magical beasts pay off. I imagine Voldemort be taking over everywhere, with Hogwarts as the final battle ground against Harry. Voldemort bring an army of Inferi, Giants, etc, and the tip in the balance be Hagrid, who counter with his own army of creatures.

Posted by Frank from Toronto on July 18, 2007 11:12 AM

Q. 1: Why did the Sorting Hat put Wormtail/Pettigrew into Gryffindor when he's a coward and Snape into Slytherian when past experience has shown how brave he is?

Q. 2: Regarding the day of Snape's Worst Memory, why wasn't Snape wearing pants/trousers in the first place? Did someone set him up?

Q. 3: If Dumbledore is so wise, respected, etc., why didn't the magic community raise a stink/fuss/protest when Dumbledore got the boot? Why didn't the community listen to Dumbledore when he first announced Voldemort's return?

Q. 4: Why was Minerva McGonagal kept in the dark by Dumbledore? Did Dumbledore have a 'need to know basis' for his plans OR was there a lack of trust on his part?

Posted by Linda from Fort Wayne, IN on July 18, 2007 11:59 AM

if lily truely was a "seer" then she would be like professor trelawney, completely forgetting what she just forseen. so lily would not be able to prepare and save harry.
also that i belive the mirror of Erised is completely useless because if harry were to gaze into it, he would see himself with horcruxes, but the only way he could find them is if he didnt want to use them, but he is only looking into the miror to find and destroy them.
and on a final thought, i think harry could be the final hurcrux. when old voldy cast the Ak curse apon harry he was doing one of the most evil things ever which is needed to create a hurcurx, which has lead me to believe he made harry his equal on purpose because he did hear that part of the prophecy, so to save himself he created a living hurcurx, harry, so the only way harry could ever voldy would be to ...

Posted by Brian from Tralee on July 18, 2007 12:55 PM

JKR has told us quite catagoricaly that Harry IS NOT a horcrux

Posted by gwen from london on July 18, 2007 3:34 PM

this just popped into my head as i was reading order of the phoenix

i was reading when firenze becomes a teacher and he states "in the past decade, the indications have been that of the wizardkind is living through nothing more than a brief calm between two wars, Mars, bringer of battle, shine brightly above us, suggests that the fight must break out soon again."
surely a war not last one year when the last war lasted for over 10 years.
even harry now is still a average wizard, surely he could not become as powerful as voldy in a year. it has also come to my attention that it may be possible to create a counter curse to AK for we have seen snape create his own spells and curses. so it is possible he may have found a way to counter AK.

Also... what is it that lies in the M.o.M that is so great a secret that no one knows what it is? could it be the source of all magic?
and who was the first wizard? was it a power that person was born with or was it a power that was given to them?
is there a higher power in the world of hp?

Posted by Brian from tralee on July 18, 2007 3:40 PM

Has anybody thought that maybe Crookshanks may be an animagus. For example he knew to hit the knot on the Whomping Willow to freeze it and get Harry and Hermione past. Plus he also seemed to know that scabbers was peter pettigrew, when they walk into the pet shop to get Scabbers medicine Crookshanks immediatly attacks him.

Posted by melissa from WA on July 18, 2007 8:30 PM

I don't think that either Snape or Harry are Voldemort's son; he doesn't have a son, and someone as good as Harry couldn't be procreated by someone as evil as Voldemort.

Yes, the Hepzibah-Zacharias related to Hufflepuff thing is a good idea...very nice.

And I was just thinking...what if Lily is a long-lost Weasley? In the movies she has red hair...maybe another illegitimate child? That would make both the Weasleys AND Harry Gryffindor's descendants. Hey, a wizard could have more than one descendant.

And if Lupin and Tonks get married, their child play any role in the story? Voldy might want a metamorph-werewolf on his side. Or it could help Harry defeat Voldemort.

Again, Lily being a Seer sounds very interesting...maybe evil Ollivander is somehow related to Voldemort?

And hey, what happened to James and Lily's bos when they d? No one ever talks about a being held for them. I'm not saying they're still alive, they are definitely , but Snape steal them? Or did Voldemort blast them into oblivion?

Does Ollivander have a Horcrux? In PS he says he remembers every wand he ever sold. How does he remember? Perhaps he is a victim of Voldemort's Cruciartus Curse, driven to madness so he can only remember things, and he's somehow on Voldemort's side?

Posted by C. J. from Herriman, Utah on July 18, 2007 10:53 PM

Ever since the fifth book when Harry discovered the Room of Requirement I kept thinking that each of the founders created a secret room. For Salazar Slytherin the Chamber of Secrets. The Room of Requirement might have been another founders secret room.

I also think Harry end up destroying three of the remaining horcruxes in three of the remain rooms (including the Room of Requirement). He already destroyed the diary in the Chamber of Secrets.

Posted by Herme from San Jose, CA on July 18, 2007 11:35 PM

an!ma9us: snape infact did not know sirus being padfoot in PoA, as dumbledore introduced sirius in the animagus form in the end of GoF. no one knew him being animagi, even dumbledore (he admits it in the end of PoA) that's why it was the biggest disguise of sirius until wormtail brought voldemort back and must've passed this information to voldemort.

Posted by swati from India on July 18, 2007 11:51 PM

JKR has told us that Crookshanks is part Kneazle, therefor NOT an Animagus

Posted by gwen from london on July 19, 2007 12:23 AM

Well this is not so much as a question as a mistake....harry saw cedric in the 4th he should have been able to see the threstals when he was goin to the station at the end of the fourth year...but he doesnt see them till the beggining of 5th year?
Does it take time for it to work?

Posted by krisha from delhi on July 19, 2007 12:47 AM

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