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Final Deathly Hallows Debates: Unanswered Septology Questions

Like Hogwarts Castle itself, the Harry Potter books hold many mysteries, and have many hidden secrets. Hopefully, most of these mysteries will be answered in the final book. Is something funny going on at St. Mungos? What ever happened to Sirius' two-way mirrors? Where is Fawkes? There are so many others. What mystery are you most looking forward to being answered, and how do you think it will come out?

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Reader Comments: (Page 20)

The huge problem with Harry's huge struggle would be his lack of malice and enjoyment in making people suffer. Bellatrix mentioned that Harry failed to use 'Crucio' against her properly, because he "Doesn't enjoy it."

Harry has never used Avada Kedavra, nor has his Crucio attempts ever succeeded to cause any real harm. It's possible that Harry's hatred toward Voldemort could make him develope a Sadistic attitude toward him, and then be able to him.

If not, (assuming Snape's a good guy) he could always ask Snape to do it, or just imperius curse Voldemort to walk off a really tall building... (The latter's a joke)

Face it; the ing curse is the only thing that could '' Voldemort.

Posted by Josh from CT on July 5, 2007 4:59 PM

Annette, You are not the only one... most of all Rowling herself apparently. Tomorrow, it seems, we have more of the story of how she took the end of writing the whole story. In part she shall say:

"I was in a hotel room on my own, sobbing my heart out. I downed half a bottle of champagne in one and went home with mascara all over my face. It was really tough."

On the one hand she told us she cried when Sirius' was written. But now, I simply worry now for several of our favorite characters. Those who have suggested Hagrid, I apologize for not taking their comments seriously enough. JKR has said "everybody needs a Hagrid in their life'. Well, when I think who could make her take several large champagnes and then go home without fixing her makeup... I think it was losing 'her Hagrid'. Oh, I know that others, any one of the trio for example, would probably do it. But, somehow, I think she has punished herself as much as anyone with this loss and for all the reasons stated above by those who have consistently pointed to Hagrid I now believe they have been right.

Posted by Charlie Tarbox from Gettysburg, Pa on July 5, 2007 8:18 PM

To Josh from CT, you maybe right about Harry's Parents bing used as inferi, it is very much possible.
That would be so awful, though.

Posted by Bareera from Islamabad, Pakistan on July 5, 2007 10:32 PM

Charlie Tarbox, I agree with you that the character JK has ed off that upset her so much turn out to be Hagrid.

Josh, I do not believe that Harry ever say 'avada kedavra' to defeat Voldemort. I do not think that Harry need to actually point his wand and scream a curse as I believe Voldemort's arrogance ultimately lead to his own . You see it so often, the hero takes the villain to the edge - and the villain so close to victory makes a foolish arrogant decision that results in his defeat.

Posted by Orlando from England on July 6, 2007 04:43 AM

I'm kind of glad that I'd already scheduled the week after the release date as vacation time (planned months and months ago) as I feel like I may be in mourning.
I have a strange bond with these books. My daughter loved the Harry Potter books, but I never really gave them much thought until one time when she was in the hospital for weeks after having brain surgery. Someone had given her the Chamber of Secrets as a gift, and I started reading it while sitting by her bedside and got hooked into the series. I think what JK Rowling has done is amazing. Not only did my daughter become a voracious reader, she also started writing her own was almost 100 pages long. Sadly, my daughter d a couple of years later. since then every time another book has been released I read it and remember her and feel 'connected" still.
I fear that you are correct about Hagrid. He really is so completely "innocent" and good-hearted that I think he can't possible survive Voldemort's pure evil...but I bawl like a baby if he is ed off. I don't want to believe that it be any of the trio, just because I don't want to think about it...

Posted by Annette from Minneapolis, MN on July 6, 2007 07:11 AM

These are not real question, rather they are my thoughts of what is going to happen:
- Could Hogwarts itself (yes, the whole place!) be the last Horcrux that must be destroyed? (As Scholastic spokesperson said, DH front cover �shows apparent destruction.�) Has anyone considered the Whomping Willow? It�s definitely got a nasty attitude!
- On the Astronomy Tower, had �Dumbledore� really been Snape and �Snape�...well...Dumbledore?! Was Snape so much trusted by Dumbledore because of an Unbreakable Vow of lasting loyalty he made in the past, which meant that he was going to anyway--two conflicting vows with only one must be fulfilled-- so he stuck with his first and d instead of his headmaster? If so, then it was also Snape who accompanied Harry to the cave...
- Is Harry reaching up to catch Godric�s Sword once again from Fawkes (as happened in CoS)...or maybe his wand?
- If swift and instant from a curse would actually be an �act of mercy� toward Voldemort given all the atrocities he committed, with Dumbledore saying to him in OotP that there are worse ways to destroy a man other than (if there�s one thing Rowling is famous for, it�s foreshadowing), what could those �worse ways� be? (Dementor Kiss followed by imprisonment at Azkaban until madness is my prime candidate.)
- The non-magical person Rowling said use magic in desperation, does Hagrid fit the description? He was the only one we learned is not allowed to use magic from the very first book. What about Dobby? Not sure, but is a house-elf allowed to use magic outside Hogwarts or without his master�s command?
- Will Bellatrix, as I suspect, be one of the characters who ?

Posted by Chucklepea from kingston, Ontario on July 6, 2007 10:17 AM

I don't believe Dumbledore isn't , I know it's harsh but I doubt he's alive still. There most probably be a way in which he can still be "part" of the book though, ie his portrait. I think all the s so far, especially Sirius', have happened in order to make Harry more independent and solely responsible for his actions in this last book.

I would be surprised if the "final" bit included anyone else bar Harry and Voldemort. Dumbledore's in book six in my view was to open the door for Harry to shoulder full responsibility for Voldemort's downfall, as after all, only he can do it.

Posted by Hannah from Hull, England on July 6, 2007 11:51 AM

Earlier someone pointed out that Godric Gryffidor (JKR's Wizard of the Month) has Lily's green eyes - he has her dark red hair, too! Maybe she was his descendant?

Harry's eyeglasses - I remember a quote from JKR explaining it took her years to work out magic's rules and it is so complex that it is easy to see why! Magic can't fix everything, or according to Dumbledore bring people back from the , but it is constantly evolving like science. So maybe eyesight is still in the works...

Orlando, I think you have a good point. I can really see Voldemort making one more arrogant mistake and having it backfire on him! Maybe something to do with Harry's blood and the glint in Dumbledore's eye? I also think he couldn't do and Avada Kadavra using his emotions of wanting to "cause pain" but I could see it if his emotions are to protect or revenge the of someone he loves. I can't wait to find out!

Posted by Raow from Petaluma, CA, USA on July 6, 2007 12:09 PM

I have a few things.

Firstly, if the Avada Kedavra leaves no marks and no signs, then why was Godric's Hollow (Harry's Parents house) completely destroyed?

Also, in the third film, Prisoner of Azkaban, when Harry fell off his broom, Dumbledore used a spell to slow down Harry, and performed it with just his hands. What if Snape used another curse on Dumbledore which still allowed him to perform this spell to slow himself down and not from the fall.

I think this is also what JKR meant when she said that the third film foreshadowed things that happened in the last two books.

This would mean that Dumbledore is not ! Hooray!

Posted by Will from London on July 6, 2007 1:05 PM

But Will, JKR confirmed that whoever d in book 6 is "really !" (Note that I purposely said "whoever," because I still think it wasn't Dumbledore.)

Posted by Chucklepea from Kingston, Ontario on July 6, 2007 4:48 PM

Will, when I think of what happened at Harry's parent's house in Godric's Hollow, I think of the scene in the Chamber of Secrets where Lockhart had the memory charm backfire on him. Remember how the force of the spell threw him backward with such force he caused an avalanche? Well, I would think Voldemort's spell had a lot of power too and hit a brick wall in baby Harrry. The same effect would be logical, don't you think?

Posted by Raow from Petaluma, CA, USA on July 6, 2007 4:52 PM

Shouldn't Harry have been able to see the thestals at the end of the first book/movie seeing as he not only saw Quirells' but caused it as well?

Posted by Heather from Charlevoix, MI on July 6, 2007 8:54 PM

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