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Dumbledore's Horcrux

by Jan-Marie Spanard

How does a wizard learn about the existence and properties of Horcruxes? Who knows what they are, how to make them, what they can do? What wizard would make a Horcrux? Under what circumstances? And for what reasons? And why are they so evil? Hermione is working very hard to answer these questions. As Hogwarts virtual library search-engine, she is coming up empty. But Tom Riddle did it, somehow.

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Reader Comments: (Page 22)

Dumbledore could have a horcrux. It's not completely impossible. In the sixth book he states.. "ing is not nearly as easy as the innocent believe..." Implying that he has in fact ed at some point, not particularly liking it but has. You never know.

Posted by Anonymous from columbus, ohio on April 3, 2007 6:09 PM

I think the Forbidden Forest be a site of importance in DH. It has been alluded to often, but we don't know much about it. Snape s Dumbledore, and they seem to be discussing the deed in the Forest beforehand. Fire has been mentioned before as Dumbledore's thing and I really believe there is fire evident on the new book art -- burnt wood under the locket, orange/red skies, red cheeks on the trio, smoke behind the school.
I see a connection between fire/Dumbledore/Fawkes rising from his ashes. I think now that Dumbledore knew his was necessary to further access enchantments and powers placed by the founders within the grounds at Hogwarts, specifically within the Forest.
I always turn to the final chapter of each book for a sort of focusing summary of where the book has led me and a hint as to where the next book go, usually thanks to Dumbledore's explanations to Harry. In the final chapter of HBP, Harry lists the four people who loved him best who are now gone ( mother, father, Sirius, Dumbledore ). I believe we see each of them again, not by means of a Horcrux but as Hallows to aid in his fight. Scrimgoeur makes a note of Harry's bond with Dumbledore, which is significant. Harry again states his loyalty to Dumbledore and his disdain for the Ministry.
Dumbledore's body is consumed by fire, and a suggestion of a phoenix is seen by Harry. I think this is symbolic, not literal as an Animagus. We see Dumbledore and maybe Hogwarts transformed by fire in the fight against Voldemort who was frightened by the fire of the wardrobe in the orphanage and whose Inferi were held back by fire in the cave.
I could never imagine Dumbledore with a Horcrux. Even if he ed someone, by accident or in the cause of good, he would never take the step of using his torn soul to further extend his own life. But I could see him sacrificing himself without hesitation in the fight to defeat Voldemort if it meant he could return in another form to aid Harry.

Posted by Patty from Quincy,Massachusetts on April 4, 2007 06:29 AM

I think that this might have something to it, having to do with Snape. At the end of the Goblet of Fire, Harry was brought to a graveyard so that his blood could be used to bring Voldemort back to life, blood of the enemy, but what if it was not the blood of the enemy, but blood of the other person who was connected with the ing curse. In this case, Dumbledore would need who... Snape to bring him back. Maybe this is the reason that Dumbledore kept asking for him, and that would also solve Snapes problem with his unbreakable vow, he did indeed Dumbledore, but it didnt say anything about bringing him back. Maybe Snape as much as i hate to say it, has earned Dumbledores trust

Posted by Anonymous on April 5, 2007 2:30 PM

I've been reading your comments for about a month now, absolutely love the site but i just don't see the possibility of our beloved dumbledore using a horcrux. I prefer to think instead that he went out a hero. I think he would have chosen that instead of having 2 or 3 people on his account. Voldy would have ed Draco for sure and Severus would have d for not doing his part and who knows what would have happened to Draco's mother. Dumbledore is nobody's fool though, I think that if there were a way he could get around this unbreakable vow then he would. It's that one line on the bottom of pg 591 in US edition that gets me. When he's talking to Draco he says, "He cannot you if you are already ." It makes me think Dumbledore knows some way of getting around this. I just don't think it's a horcrux. Also, if anyone else has looked at the cover of the UK children's edition of ly Hallows, did you see the armor at the bottom? Is that a 5 on the helmet? It looks like a bird or something on the helmet too. Could that be an indication that it belongs to ravenclaw? I'm wondering if this is a hint. I'm also wondering about the animal crossing the grounds on the back cover. Is that a black cat or a black dog?

Posted by Reg from Houston, TX on April 6, 2007 11:53 PM

Here's a theory: What if Dumbledore was one of Voldemort's Horcruxes?!

Think about it. When the Order of the Pheonix fights the Eaters, people . What if Voldemort made his worst enemy a horcrux? Make it so the only way to him would to be to the one person Voldemort thought stood a chance against him? It would make sense, then, that Dumbeldore would sacrifice himself to destroy Voldemort?

Posted by Oliver from UK on April 11, 2007 12:06 PM

Interesting and clever, Oliver, and it may work in another story. I don't think in this one though. If Albus was a horcrux why would Voldemort actively try to him? Why would he order Draco to him? It doesn't make sense to me based on what has already happened.

Posted by monkeeshrines from orlando fl on April 11, 2007 3:57 PM

If Dumbledore was a Horcrux, then Harry wouldn't be the only one who can vainquish the Dark Lord.

Posted by herve from strasbourg on April 12, 2007 02:47 AM

Dumbledore doesn't have any horcrux.
It is indirectly mentioned in the first book itself.

Chapter 1:
"I know you haven't," said professor Mcgonagall
"But you're different, Everyone knows you're the only one You-Know-Who - oh, all right, Voldemort - was frightened of."
"You flatter me," said Dumbledore calmly. " Voldemort had powers i never have".
"Only because you're too - well - noble to use them."

Posted by Anurag from India on April 13, 2007 2:21 PM

There's also the distinct possibility that Dumbledore is indeed , and that no amount of speculation on our part bring him back. Let's face it folks, even if Dumbledore did off Grindlewald, chances are, he's not going to use what HBP calls "the wickedest of magical inventions". Not to mention the whole deal with the ing Curse and the several hundred foot fall from the tower. If speculation in other articles that Snape did not use the actual curse is true, then we can safely assume that it was neither the curse, nor the fall that ed him; it was merely that sudden stop at the end of the trip.

Posted by Kevin from Reidsville, NC on April 13, 2007 8:25 PM

What if Dumbledore didn't really Grindelwald? If he Transfigured him into a... ferret or a turtle... or a rock, or a frog, and just left Grindelwald alone, then Dumbledore's soul would be intact and no one would .
Plus, Grindelwald wouldn't go to the dementors, which Dumbledore hates.

Posted by Ashley from Missouri on April 14, 2007 3:41 PM

I have a slightly different theory linking Fawkes to a Horcrux:

Voldermort�s wand is a horcrux because it contains Falkes�s feather, who is a �relic of Gryffindor� in that he used to belong to the brave founder.


1. When Harry invokes Dumbledore�s aid at the end of the Chamber of Secrets, he receives 3 sources of aid � Gryffindor�s sword, the sorting hat, and Falkes. We know that the first two are �known relics of Gryffindor.� My theory is that Falkes is also a relic of Gryffindor, passed on to the possession of Dumbledore, who is perhaps Gryffindor�s descendant. This is why when Harry invokes Dumbledore�s name, he receives 3 objects of Gryffindor - the sword and sorting hat � and Falkes. In this sense, the Chamber of Secrets is a duel between the heir of Slytherin (Voldemort) and the heir of Gryffindor (Dumbledore).

2. When Harry and Dumbledore discuss the remaining Horcruxes in Chapter 23 of the Half-Blood Prince, two very strange things happen in the conversation. First, Dumbledore says that the �only known relic of Gryffindor� is the sword but we know that the sorting hat also belonged to Gryffindor. Secondly, right after this section in which Dumbledore rules out the possibility that one of the remaining Horcruxes could be from Gryffindor � Harry sums up there conversation and reintroduces the possibility that something from Gryffindor could be a Horcrux: Dumbledore does not object.

�So, said Harry, �the diary is gone, the ring�s gone. The cup the locker and the snake are still intact, and you think that there might be a Horcrux that was once Ravenclaw�s or Gryffindor�s�

An admirable and succinct summary, yes,� said Dumbledore ��

This is very strange, because just a few paragraphs earlier, Dumbledore ruled out the possibility that it could be something of Gryffindor�s.

3. This theory might also explain the significance of the dissapearance of Ollivander, since he knows the origin of Falkes� feathers. Perhaps Ollivander was given the two feathers of Falkes by Gryffindor. Another person who disappears simultaneously is Florean Fortescue, the owner of the ice cream shop who tutors Harry on the history of majic. Perhaps Florean knows the geneology of Dumbledore and his link to Gryffindor. This might give Voldemort the motive to kidnap both men to protect his secret

4. Another nice aspect of this theory is that the breaking of Voldemort�s wand provide enormous dramatic effect, due to the bond with Harry�s wand. It is something, like Nagini, that Voldemort keeps close by his side. It is the end of his magic � like Prospero, in Shakespeare�s Tempest.

Posted by David Coleman from New York on April 15, 2007 10:57 PM

Helen from newcastle, I too think there is a horcrux of Voldemort's hidden somewhere at Hogwarts and my current favourite place is the trophy room...Voldemort likes to collect trophies and Hagrid says in the first book when he and Harry are first in Diagon Alley, that the safest places to hide something are Gringotts and Hogwarts! I did wonder about Gryffindor's Sword for a while but have changed my mind on that one. Also, I think the final battle between Harry and Voldemort may well take place at Hogwarts..Harry's knowledge of the secret passageways etc would have been good training for it...but I could be wrong.

But in response to the main topic of this thread...I don't think Dumbledore has a horcrux for a number of reasons, the strongest being that there is no reason for him to create one. A horcrux is created by a wizard seeking immortality and Dumbledore never seeks to be immortal (he says as much when he and Harry are discussing the mirror of erised in the first book). I too think that Dumbledore is truly ...the fact that Harry believes he has left Hogwarts is what decides this for me. Fawkes on the other hand may very well return.

What I want to know is the significance of what Dumbledore says when he has drunk the potion in the cave at the end of this from his memory or is it from the person who put the potion there. And was it Voldemort who put the potion there or, if Regulus Black removed the real locket of Slytherin to replace it with the fake that Harry and Dumbledore found, then was Regulus the one who replaced the potion or would Voldemort's original enchantments still hold?

Does anyone else think that ultimately Harry may end up as Defence against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts?

Posted by Joe from England on April 16, 2007 06:56 AM

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