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Dumbledore Is Not !

by David Haber

Well... maybe not. At least, I don't think he is. Snape's betrayal and the of Dumbledore caught me completely by surprise. Dumbledore was , and on top of that, Snape had done it. And all of the clues point to two possibilities, that Dumbledore's not really , or at the very least, that Snape's not really a Eater, and he Dumbledore because Dumbledore ordered him to, as part of a grand plan.

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Reader Comments: (Page 45)

I agree dumbledore is the dragon on the cover of DH.

Posted by christine faust from tampa, fl, usa on July 18, 2007 11:02 AM

I think Dumbledore is an unregistered Animagus, as the most accomplished wizard of all time, he would have certainly been capable of this simple transfiguration, and perhaps taken it further and become a mythical animal, a pheonix. Perhaps even the pheonix in CoS was Dumbledore. It cannot be simply a coincidence that the Order of the Pheonix was founded by Dumbledore, and even further what I like to call "The Junior Order" is Dumbledore's Army.

Posted by Tyler from OHIO on July 18, 2007 12:41 PM

Also, Why would Dumbledore freeze Harry when Malfoy came up the stairs? Harry can handle Draco with ease, as we saw earlier in the book. Dumbledore needed witnesses to his "" so he can come back out of nowhere to save Harry, startle Voldemort, and give Harry a chance to deal the final blow.

Posted by Tyler from OHIO on July 18, 2007 12:48 PM

JK cant be that dumb to leave so many clues suggesting Dumbledore is alive....maybe she really wants everyone to think Dumbledore come back and eventually in the last book she confirm that Dumbledore sure is . I mean if Dumbledore really comes back, everything is almost easy! He just around solving mysteries himself with ease and ing eaters...i think even if dumbledore comes back he wont be really active....atleast he wont be active till the very last pages...

Posted by chris from christchurch on July 18, 2007 12:53 PM

I think and hope Dumbledore is for no other reason is that it is an opportunity to get rid of that dreadful actor they found to replace Richard Harris in the movies. Michael Gambon is the antithesis of Dumbledore in everyway. So I say be gone with Dumbledore. Well in fact I just wished they would be gone with with Mr Gambon.

Posted by JONWASH from Springfield VA on July 18, 2007 2:35 PM

i still believe dumbledore is a ghost because he knew that everybody would be, for lack of a better word, scared. They would not have Dumbledore to protect them.

Also I think that the magic on Privet Drive has lifted, as all spells when the caster s.

Posted by Mike from Bridgeport on July 18, 2007 2:46 PM

I think Dumbledore come back at the end without ever really explaining how.

Posted by Oatmeal from Chapel Hill on July 18, 2007 4:20 PM

Dumbledore is because when he fell across the ramparts Harry wasnt paralized by Dumbledores jinx anymore. The only way to counter that is to say he unfrozen Harry somehow before he fell down. I doubt that since we all read he took a direct hit of the ing curse and no one has ever survived it. Even the fall from the top most tower itself isnt easy to survive if you fall on your head. If Superman would forget he can fly on the way down he would from the fall too..

Dumbledore is gone but there definetly be a portrait of him in his office.

Snape is my favourite character in the HP. I loved him from the start. He is doing something only persons with strong characters can do. He sacrificed alot to be hardly noticed by anyone. Only Dumbledore knew just how big his role in all of this is and how much he sacrificed. Snape had to and have to suffer and go through alot just so that in the end it come out right. In my opinion Snape is one of the people to . He probably take half of DEs with him, maybe even Vold. Im pretty sure we didnt have a good chance to meet Snape yet.

Posted by Anze from Slovenia on July 18, 2007 6:08 PM

I agree with JONWAS; Dumbledore in the 1st two movies was perfect, since then he's been terrible...I could hardly tell if it was Dumbledore except the fact hes an old guy with a beard.

Posted by Jeff on July 19, 2007 03:13 AM

Ooooooo...what if Dumbledore WAS an animagus of a phoenix, and Aberforth was impersonating Dumbledore during trying times by way of polyjuice potion or other magic? It's like Padme in Star Wars Ep 1

Posted by Christine from Tampa, FL, USA on July 19, 2007 05:44 AM

I was really interested to read a few of the comments concerning Aberforth Dumbledore. Somehow, even though I have read all of the books at least 10 times each, I completely forgot about Aberforth. I was just re-reading the 5th book when it hit me. I was wondering if he was mentioned anymore, so, of course, i googled it. I found one website that spoke of what Albus Dumbledore said to Hagrid when he &harry; were convincing him to keep teaching, the quote concerning the goat. When it failed to mention the page number, I googled the quote so i could check it out for myself.
I haven't gotten around to reading all of the reader comments, so after this exxxtremely long introduction, i just want to point out that he was also mention in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by Moody on page 174. Oh, and i wanted to know if anyone was sure about whether or not Aberforth is the barkeeper in the Hogshead? I read that on the other website and haven't gotten around to checking. Oh, and as a response to whoever was talking about Aberforth taking Albus' place with the help of Olivander....why would it have to be Aberforth? Could someone else have done it instead? And what about JK's assurances that Albus Dumbledore is, in fact, ?

Posted by ELizabeth from Birmingham, alabama on July 19, 2007 06:23 AM

I hope Dumbledore is just because the story of Harry having to do it without him would be better. But if Snape is on the good side then he couldn't have used the Avada Kedavra because he wouldn't really mean it. We all know that to use an unforgivable curse you have to want to cause extreme pain, you have to mean it. Dumbledore's did burst into flames like a phoenix.
I think that because Dumbledore was so old and slow now plus his blackened hand, him and Snape had this planned. Snape prolly told Dumbledore about the unbreakable vow and they thought well if Snape s Dumbledore then he still live and be as close to Voldemort as any one has ever been, therefore finding out what and possibly where the other horcruxes are.

Posted by Jarrod on July 19, 2007 06:31 AM

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