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Dumbledore Is Not !

by David Haber

Well... maybe not. At least, I don't think he is. Snape's betrayal and the of Dumbledore caught me completely by surprise. Dumbledore was , and on top of that, Snape had done it. And all of the clues point to two possibilities, that Dumbledore's not really , or at the very least, that Snape's not really a Eater, and he Dumbledore because Dumbledore ordered him to, as part of a grand plan.

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Reader Comments: (Page 21)

Best description (in my humble opinion) so far what "ly Hallows" could mean, it being an "ASSOCIATION OF DEATHLY SAINTS.

What if they are the "whispering voices" Harry and Luna were able to hear at the Department of Mystery, in that eerie dimly lit and rectangular room, where the Archway, hung with some kind of Veil?

Posted by Mistral from Z�rich, Switzerland on January 8, 2007 11:49 AM

i hope there is more dumbledore in the final harry potter, i hope he isn't but jk rowling ensured us that dumbledore is but hang on which one?
What if Aberforth and Polyjuice Potion played a major part in the Half-Blood Prince and the real dumbledore show up the day harry and voldemort confront besides voldemort thinks his greatest fear is still alive that throw voldemorts plan thus the title the ly Hallows. Maybe Dumbledore is the Hallow (saint) that saves Harry and creates the army that battle voldemorts army. it's a theory because jk rowling only said dumbledore is not albus dumbledore.
By the way Micheal Gambon is the best Dumbledore!

Posted by justin on January 9, 2007 06:38 AM

Dumbledore would not have to physically apear in the last book to be in the last book.
He could appear through writings, his , his portrait or any number of ways I can't think of at the moment.
When I'm reading, I see Richard Harris...

Posted by Kevin from Wisconsin on January 9, 2007 07:12 AM

Did someone pick up that Dobby's looked like what would be a nick name for Dumbledore (Dumby ---> Dobby)?

Besides that, Dumbledore tells Harry he would like socks, and Dobby is delighted with socks, Dumbledore disappears from his office in a crack, the same as Dobby does.

Does anybody know when Dobby first came in the Malfoy family (Wormtail got in the Weasley family to spy them for his own purpodse; wouldn't have Dobby done pretty much the same for Dumbledore's sake?)

Posted by herve from france on January 11, 2007 05:49 AM

I read somewhere that someone thinks Dumbledore and Snape used polyjuice potion and disguised as each other. I think this would make sense because of what is said when "Dumbledore" drinks the potion. But I don't know because J.K. Rowling said Dumbledore was , and I don't think she'd lie to us. So, if Dumbledore (Albus) wasn't , and J.K. Rowling was telling the truth, then the only theory that would work is the theory about Aberforth being and not Albus.
I disagree with Michael Gambon being the best Dumbledore. He doesn't represent the Dumbledore in the book in the fourth movie. He shouts at Harry and shakes his shoulders and asks with force "Did you put your name in the goblet?!", etc. He isn't how I imagine J.K. Rowling's Dumbledore in the books. I would say Richard Harris is the best Dumbledore. He was a lot calmer, just like the Dumbledore in the books.

Posted by Dumbledore's Fan on January 11, 2007 05:52 AM

To reference the person who do magic later in life...I find it possible that it may be Neville's mother. JK does not state that somebody do magic "for the first time" later in life does she? Simply that somebody do magic later in life. Just a thought.

Posted by Amy from United States on January 11, 2007 8:26 PM

My vote would be for Anthony Hopkins to portray Dumbledore. He would have it all, including the twinkle in the eye.

Posted by Mikey from New Jersey on January 11, 2007 8:54 PM

I think Voldemort suspecting that Snape wasn't really on his side got Draco to accept an assignment of ing Dumbledore then sent his mother to see if Snape would make the vow. Snape had no choice but to agree or else let on that he is really a spy for Dumbledore. After telling Dumbledore what he had done, Dumbledore makes him agree to him. Snape and Dumbledore then argue because Snape doesn't want to him, Or does he? When Dumbledore and Harry are in the cave and Dumbledore drinks the potion, he finds out somehow that he was wrong about Snape which is why even though they have a fake planned Dumbledore keeps asking for Snape. He suspects Snape may be bad and might him for real. Which is what happened, or did it? Maybe Snape was really on Dumbledore's side but now that Voldemort is back he wants to be a eater. I'm so confused. I really really want Snape to be good.

Posted by Sandy from Atlanta, Ga. on January 11, 2007 11:13 PM

the dumbledore in the books is a very plain character with no depth. Richard Harris was a very Good Dumbledore in the First two films which were very light hearted however movie three and four are alot more darker that i dont think the late Richard Harris would not been able to fullfill the position, thats why i think Micheal Gambon would be able cope with the character with the "Dark and Difficult times".
And Gambon being a shakspearian actor can give Dumbledore a bit of depth because Dumbledore though very kind hearted still makes mistakes, gets frustrated even angry and disappointed which Gambon does very nicely, even i read that Jk rowling was very happy the Gambon as the New Dumbledore. And also books can be radically different to the Movies.
As to the dobby idea i don't think Dumbledore would ask anyone to for him although i still believe that Aberforth Dumbledore swapped places with the Albus Dumbledore and therefore Albus Dumbledore is ALIVE (I HOPE)

Posted by justin on January 12, 2007 04:40 AM

No offense but...saying "The Dumbledore in the books is a very plain character with no depth" is a bit extreme.

Hmmm...why else did the whole World "mourn" Albus Dumbledore when he "d" in HBP? He is such an important character in the HP series and almost like a father to Harry.

Let's not forget that there are millions of people who never watch the films,but are content with reading and to them this Dumbledore is the mother-of-all good old Wizard!

I agree whole heartily that the late "Richard Harris" was extremely perfect in the role of Dumbledore. Anyone who watched his films like, The Man they called Horse, Patriot Games, The Gladiator, knows that Richard Harris would have done excellent as a more aggressive Dumbledore. He gave a good example of this when he called: "Everyone please not PANIC".

As for Michael Gambon, he needed getting used to. Let's take comfort with the thought that he and the late Richard Harris were great friends and maybe Mr.Gambon did not want to imitate his old friend the way he portrayed Dumbledore.

Posted by Mistral from Switzerland on January 12, 2007 11:07 AM

Just been reading some of the more recent comments regarding who would best play Dumbledore. I have to agree that Richard Harris was a far superior Dumbledore to Michael Gambon.

Harris's portrayal, was to me, far more accurate than Gambon's. I felt that Gambon was far too agressive, especially in GOF. He was forever rushing around, barging and pushing people out of the way, whereas Harris was calm, yet decisive, always in control. When Harris's Dumbledore enters the room, you immediately think that everything is going to be okay, whereas Gambon's Dumbledore seemed to panic and be more haphazard. I felt that Harris always installed confidence and projected an underlying power, that people respected (and feared). Gambon seemed to have to shout to remind everyone of his authority and presence, yet Harris would just enter the room, or alter the tone of his voice and all would pay immediate attention. I personally think that Sir Ian Mckellan would have made an excellent Dumbledore after Harris (though he is a busy man, what with LOTR, X-MEN, DA VINCI CODE etc!).

Posted by DAMIEN from Plymouth, UK on January 12, 2007 11:53 AM

To be fair, the books are told by an invisible narrator from Harry's point of view, (sort of) and Harry doesn't spend much time around Dumbledore.
Dumbledore is more an object viewed from afar until OotP.
Harry even thinks in HBP that he has never "really" talked to Dumbledore before.
I think we shall still learn more about Dumbledore in book seven. Maybe not "in the flesh", but somehow, his roll in this story is not over.

Posted by Kevin from Wisconsin on January 12, 2007 12:35 PM

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