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Dumbledore Is Not !

by David Haber

Well... maybe not. At least, I don't think he is. Snape's betrayal and the of Dumbledore caught me completely by surprise. Dumbledore was , and on top of that, Snape had done it. And all of the clues point to two possibilities, that Dumbledore's not really , or at the very least, that Snape's not really a Eater, and he Dumbledore because Dumbledore ordered him to, as part of a grand plan.

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Reader Comments: (Page 2)

Dumbledore is . JK said he is.
But JK also said, the 3rd movie hides many clues, and she feared the plot to be revealed by it. What is the topic of the third movie: time travel.
Thee Dumbledore who is is one who came from the far future. THe present day Dumbledore is alive and well.

- Suddenly Dumbledore is much less powerful, his blackened hand which he doesn't tell about.
- All timeturners destroyed? Well, Dumbledore have enough time to recreate one in the next decades.


Andre Ay

Posted by Andre Ay from Leipzig, Germany on September 11, 2006 10:29 AM

He's alright. Sorry, and I think that he anticipated just such an event as him facing Snape in front of witnesses, so, much as Snape probably hated to do it, he knew that the ultimate aim was to destroy Voldemort and that there would be sacrifices along the way - one of them was Dumbledore who, we all know, realised that Harry was the 'chosen one' (for ant of a better word) who would fight Voldemort.

Posted by Marjorie from Wellingon, NZ on September 11, 2006 1:14 PM

Andrew: That's an excellent theory... And it's just crazy enough to work and I think it's definitely plausible! It's hard to believe that he's , and as much as I want to believe that Snape is a "good" person, I'm still thinking that there might not be more to this than what's in the text. It's so confusing, and it's fun to try and work this whole thing out.

Shruti- Dave here has put in a lot of work to this website, why would he admit defeat so quickly? His theories are plausible, or at least most are, and I don't see you making a website that excersises your brain, so at least be respectful.

Posted by Chris from U.S.A. on September 11, 2006 1:59 PM

dumbledore might be but as a person. i think hes a phoenix. his patrounus is a phoenix,at his a flame covered dumbledore and white smoke came out and harry thought he saw a phoenix. Whoa!Fawkes does the same thing when he s. also when they were at the cave dumbledore dived into the water and something about the agility of a much younger man. maybe dumbledore is reborn over and over but just looks like an old man

Posted by soy from usa on September 11, 2006 4:04 PM

I think soy has an idea with the phoenix theory. Exactly what it means I am not sure but, although Dumbedore may have d, his reach via whatever means JKR eventually tell us (oh maybe 2007...... maybe 2008) could, very plausibly, include some Phoenix theme. There is much mention of the phoenix, just in pasing e.g. the song in the background after his , Fawkes being in the study when Harry visits. JKR doesn't need to mention him but she does.

And, I like your comments, Chris.

Posted by Marjorie from Wellington, NZ on September 12, 2006 01:08 AM

Yeah, I am sure that dumbledore is alive somehow. And if snape is not a good guy I am affraid we are all going to be very dissapointed by the plot of the seventh book. It would just be to easy. by the way: I love this site.

Posted by Elessar from Gondor on September 12, 2006 01:56 AM

I think all who say Dumbledore's is wrong. J.K. Rowling said he's . "jo said hes . jo never lies" That's simply not true. Couldn't she lie to make it more interesting?
Remember in the third book Sirius d. But he fell in something (don't remember sure what). Maybe that thing was really something to teleport him in another place, a very secret one, where Dumbledore would be now.
Snape is clearly a good guy. Many clues. Saved Harry. And he is in Phoenix Order too.

Posted by Miruna Cristus from Romania on September 12, 2006 12:12 PM

Hey I like the phoenix idea. What if he is a phoenix animagus? Maybe he wasn't registered or something.

Posted by Mark H on September 12, 2006 2:47 PM

because dumbledore is a phoenix (hypothetically)(DID i spell that right?) he could lead harry to the horcruxes or save harry from from the ing curse by a certain someone of the name voldemort!

Posted by soy from texas on September 12, 2006 4:16 PM

Hmm? If Dumbledore was an animagus, could he transcend ? There was a flash of light etc., etc., and a definite air of mystery at the . If we say Dumbledore is , and we have no reason to doubt JKR, she is after all writing the books * ahem * there could be any number of ways she could bring him back. However, as her own mother passed away, something like this is not going to be trifled with.

But, Dumbledore play a large part in Book 7 - we don't know if he . We have been surprised by each book in turn, have we not, this is one of the pleasures of reading and re-reading the canon so far. Harry now seems to be without the support of anyone adult who has been close to him. He has to find the horcruxes, fight Voldemort, and live/.

Posted by Marjorie from Wellington, NZ on September 13, 2006 01:26 AM

Dumbledore is not . This is absolutely true. and this is definitely true, I guess and my guess is I believe right. But JKR, in here latest interview with Salman confirmed that Dumbledore is . This is also true. Sounds ridiculous? Wait a sec! Did u observe that in book 6 Aberforth Dumbledore, the brother of Albus was introduced? And not much about him was later mentioned in later parts of the book. But suddenly It is known that Olivander goes missing. Also, Dumbledore (Albus) is not regular to Hogwarts during the sixth year. His talks with Snape and Snape's disagreement to what he says... do u find any connection between all these? Yes, the actual think, I reckon is it is Aberforth Dumbledore but not Albus dumbledore that is , and this was made possible with the help of Olivander who, by giving some kind of polyjuice sort of thing to Aberforth makes him Albus and it is this Albus(Aberforth) who teaches shows all the things to Harry, coz, if it is his own memory then he would have directly taken it from his head. He would not have stored it in a bottle and kept it in his cabin which is easily accessible by the staff of Hogwarts (any of whom can be under the imperius curse). So, he gives them to Aberforth to tell him the past life of Voldemort and finally, the essence of this is it is Aberforth but not Albus that is .So the character that got a reprieve in book seven is Albus!

Posted by Pavan Srivatsava from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh on September 13, 2006 08:26 AM

I for one believe that Dumbledore is . Why? Everyone that Harry loves as a parental figure ends up (his parents, Sirius, Dumbledore) ends up . I think that Jo has been leading up to Harry facing Voldemort alone or with Ron & Hermione.

That being said, I thought it was interesting that Jo said, "you shouldn't expect Dumbledore to do a Gandalf." If I'm not mistaken, didn't Gandalf come back from the ? (thereby becoming Gandalf the White) So if Dumbledore never d, he can't "pull a Gandalf".

Posted by Saint Cad from Los Angeles, CA on September 13, 2006 1:23 PM

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