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Dumbledore Is Not !

by David Haber

Well... maybe not. At least, I don't think he is. Snape's betrayal and the of Dumbledore caught me completely by surprise. Dumbledore was , and on top of that, Snape had done it. And all of the clues point to two possibilities, that Dumbledore's not really , or at the very least, that Snape's not really a Eater, and he Dumbledore because Dumbledore ordered him to, as part of a grand plan.

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Reader Comments: (Page 18)

This "clue" which I happened to notice through my pure irritation at a phrase which the new potion's proffessor, Horace Slughorn, uses on one instance, "ho ho ho." This was pretty much at the beginning of the book. So I forgot about it. A question which also comes to mind is why Dumbledore was so eager to hire Slughorn. His two key "talents" which come to light are shape-shifting as well as being an excellent potions master. These are the key of my theory. I believe that Dumbledore, when he d, wasn't actually Dumbledore at all. I believe that Dumbledore was infact Slughorn the whole time (using his shape-shifting ability), specifically in the cave and afterwards. The phrase which Dumbledore uses (never used before) in the cave caught my attention is "ho ho ho". The deciding question is if Rowling did this on purpose, or if it was just a slip of her pen. I like to think not. The second factor is his potions ability. He was possibly able to concoct some crazy potion, which only he could produce(being why Dumbledore was so eager to hire him)which enables him to avoid being ed by the ing curse, and perhaps only being stripped to the edge of life and , and appear . This provides a perfect cover for Dumbledore. What we must then ask is what Dumbledore was doing when Slughorn was emulating him, and why he didn't stop the invasion of the school etc, etc.

Posted by Justin Marsberg from Middelburg, South Africa on December 28, 2006 10:11 AM

IMO, Dumbledore hired Slughorn because he wanted him to meet Harry, in hopes that Slughorn, with his penchant for the famous, would finally reveal the true contents of his "foggy" memory. That way Dumbledore could confirm what he already suspected about LV's horcruxes.

That said, I don't disagree with you that Slughorn's abilities with potions and shape-shifting are intriguing, and could certainly have future impact... although I still don't believe that there was any "trick" � shapeshifting, invisibility, body swapping or otherwise � with Dumbledore's .

Posted by Tim from Bloomington, IN on December 28, 2006 11:41 AM

Does anyone think Dumbledore and Peter Pettigrew switched bos, or that Peter Pettigrew was disguised as Dumbledore. Maybe Dumbledore's hand was withered because Peter's hand was replaced with a silver hand (If they disguised as each other).

Posted by Dumbledore's Fan on December 29, 2006 03:59 AM

Dumbledore's Fan - i dont think that they switched bos, read my comment on page 17 2nd to last, posted by huzaifah from london.

Posted by huzaifah from london on December 29, 2006 08:59 AM

You are a genius! I go to your site everyday and you make so much sense. I am writing all your clues in my HP notebook.

I think maybe Dumbledore ed someone who wanted to so he can make a horcrux. His soul is so big that it probably wont matter if he splits it in half. On the other hand in HP number 1 when Harry ed Voltemort, there was a lot of gas and suddenly Voltemort's head was floating around to go to his next horcrux. So since there wasnt any gas when Dumbledore d, then he cant go to his other horcrux, BUT in harry potter #1 Dumbledore says that he has ways of becoming invisable, so maybe Dumledore made his gas invisable when he went away to his horcrux.

Posted by Racquel Jones from Greensboro, North Carolina on December 29, 2006 6:45 PM

I read this site a while back and was immediately convinced that Dumbledore was not . However, Rowling clearly stated that Dumbledore is in fact no longer alive. I believe there is something she has kept hidden concerning Dumbledore's trust with Snape.

It's a rather unconvincing arguement to declare that it wasn't actually Dumbledore with Harry. If it weren't, why wasn't he doing anything about the invasion of the Eaters? As he's stated before, nothing means more to him than the safety of his pupils.

Posted by Luka from San Fransisco, California on December 29, 2006 11:17 PM

Fawkes to the rescue?
Twice Fawkes had a way of turning up to protect both Harry and Dumbledore.
First in COS we see Fawkes coming to Harry's aid as he was facing the Basilisk, saving Harry's life. Then in OOTP Fawkes saves Dumbledore from Voldemort by swallowing the avader cadaver curse.
So why wasn"t Fawkes there to aid Dumbledore the night he d. We know he was around to lament Dumbledore's shortly afterward.
I just can't help but think that unless there was some plan, Fawkes would have been at the astronomy tower too, doing what he does best.

Posted by Mikey from New Jersey on December 30, 2006 07:03 AM

What if ALBUS Dumbledore didn't but ABERFORTH Dumbledore d (at , of course. He could have possibly been sick w/e). And now I believe that Snape did it to get into Vol's inner circle and is now recieving more valuable info. from Vol himself. I also believe that Snape is not a eater any longer, but Minerva McGonnagall is. Think, if you were a eater pulling a teacher, what would you look like? And how many times has Snape saved Harry? I have just realized, who gave Harry the position as Griffendor Seeker his first year? McGonnagall. What happened to Harry his first game? He was almost ed because Quirell(sp?) was trying to knock him off his broom. Think. What if she knew? I think it's her, not Snape, trying to Harry.

Posted by Jessica from Berkley,MA on December 30, 2006 08:12 AM

Jessica, Jessica. I admire your courage to say openly that Minerva McGonagall is a DEATH EATER! Please have a look at my comments on �Unanswered Dumbledore questions� page 4 and 6.

What really impressed me about your theory was the fact that it had been indeed Professor McGonagall, who made sure that Harry was chosen as a Seeker for the Gryffindor Quidditch team.

Some say it is a �meagre argument� for suspecting McGonagall being a traitor, I agree. But� before we all scream NO, let us remember the fake Moody, Ron�s rat Scabbers, Professor Quirell and his smelly turban, or Mrs. Figg and her cats. Most important, WHY did Dumbledore not inform her of his plans?

I sincerely hope McGonagall not turn out to be a Eater but rather do everything in her power to help Harry defeating Voldemort!

Posted by Mistral from Switzerland on December 30, 2006 10:57 AM

McGonagall a eater.... It gets me choked up every time I hear it.. The only reason I could even consider the possibility is because that's just the sort of infuriating twist that would ruin evey ones theories on every thing.

Like what if the reason DD doesn't tell Minerva his plans because he's aware of a relationship that may or may not have happened while she and Tom Riddle were at school together.. ever read anything about Minerva wearing short sleeves?

but I don't want to believe it...

Posted by Kevin from Wisconsin on December 30, 2006 2:58 PM

Whatever Minerva is or not but I have uningly believed that there be no living Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore in Harry Potter and The ly Hallows.
Dumbledore has definitely d for some reason. This becomes more definite when we think of what Dumbledore must have done to be safe.
First of all, the potion that Dumbledore drank could have been removed from the pensieve like thing by many other ways.
Then Dumbledore had no reason to be alive. Now as he has told everything about The Dark Lord to Harry. So he planned his own for some reason. He pleaded Snape to finish him so that Snape is more closely trusted by The Dark Lord and The Eaters.
That Unbreakable Vow thing has also been a plan of Dumbledore to make Snape more close to The Dark Side. If Dumbledore has trusted Snape then Snape has got to be on his side. Dumbledore would never have had trusred Snape if Snape would not have been on his side. As Dumbledore is such a genius that his mind sometimes work beyond his own expectations.
Dumbledore not exist in human form now, to protect Harry but he has left Severus Snape to counter the attempts of The Dark Side to finish the chances of Harry to be of rising danger to The Dark Lord.

Posted by Padfoot from Number 12, Grimauld Place on December 31, 2006 03:13 AM

McGonagall a eater? Sound more like a headline taken from the Quibbler. Unless J.K. can pull off a twist like this in some seamless grand way, I would feel manipulated and dissappointed.

At this point anything goes. How about Neville's grandmother? Perhaps she set up Nevile's parents. Or maybe Lucius is a double agent working directly for Dumbledore. Can Dobby be a eater?

I want to give hard proof that McGonagall isn't a eater. But I can't. Wouldn't she have markings of the mark on her fur when she transformed into the tabby cat? On the otherhand didn't she have to get permission from Dumbledore to let Harry play quidditch in his first year?
I don't buy it. I won't. I can't. I'm upset now.

Frankly the grand twist I could see happening in book 7 is that Ron betrays Harry and becomes a eater [Did I just write this?] After all what is Ron's heart's desire? Fame and Fortune, right? That's something that Voldemort could use to lure Ron in.
In G.O.F pg 222 [U.S. version] Ron suggests this future for Harry as they make up their divination homework "Why don't you get stabbed in the back by someone you thought was a friend." This sounds more like a clue than anything I've heard concerning McGonagal being a eater.

Posted by Mikey from New Jersey on December 31, 2006 07:52 AM

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