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Dumbledore is dead... again

by David Haber

Almost exactly 4 years ago, as we all read the end of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince together for the first time, we experienced the death of Dumbledore, and this site became into being, as it was originally known as And now, with the release of the movie, we're reliving it, all over again.

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Reader Comments: (Page 9)

It has been nearly 3 yrs now since ly Hallows released and yet I cant believe the s of all those beloved characters in the last 2 books. After ly Hallows I could not bring myself to read the first 5 books again, every new character, every joke shared, every new joy reminded me of the losses which would be incurred later. It seems silly, after all, Harry Potter was just a book, a series, fiction! And yet, I dont think any of us here ever call J.K Rowling's creation JUST a book. Somehow the movies have never sufficiently managed to capture the magic for me, for I suppose our imaginations are never alike. But hopefully they continue to keep up the spirit of the wizarding world alive always, so it acts as a solace even to us Muggles!

Posted by Maithri Hegde from Bangalore,India on October 18, 2009 10:20 PM

Maithri I totally agree! I know David Haber said somewhere that we can always reanimate those characters who d by opening an earlier volume or chapter of the series and they would start breathing again for us. As much as I would love this to be true I am afraid it isn't for me. i think the only persons for whom the characters are still alive are those who haven't yet opened "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone"... and how do I envy them! This moment when Harry breaks through the barrier between platform 9 and 10 is such a milestone - lucky you whose journey lies still ahead! The film actually covers this scene beautifully.
And no, Maithri, it doesn't seem silly at all - the books are part of all uf us who took the ride with Harry.

Posted by Siena from Nottingham, UK on October 23, 2009 06:02 AM

The thing that left a bitter taste of magic in my mouth is that special effects in HBP movie are not according to the book.
When Snape casts the ing Curse on Dumbledore, there is a jet of silvery blue light instead of green. And we can see that every spell cast in HBP movie was shown in the same color (silvery blue).
In the scene of the duel b/w Harry and Draco, both the characters shoot non-verbal spells at each other (again with same color), while we know from the HBP book that Harry couldn't use non-verbal spells.
And yes,the sequence of Dumbledore's and Eaters' escape made me cry while I read it in the book, but the same sequence annoyed me in the movie, as it wasn't as breath-taking as I had expected.

Posted by Saad from Pakistan on October 24, 2009 1:56 PM

Saad: Harry was able to use non-verbal spells. He used a non-verbal Levicorpus spell on Ron, remember?
But anyway, as far as I can recall it, Harry shouted "Sectumsempra" at Draco in that scene in the bathroom, to let the aunce know what this spell does. Harry had been thinking about using it for a while, asking Hermione whether she knew what it did.

Posted by Siena from Nottingham, UK on October 26, 2009 03:55 AM

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is, along with DH, my most favorite book.
Thus sharing the number one spot with ly Hallows.

The Movie: well, of all the HP movies, HBP is my most favorite one. I agree that Philosphers Stone and Chamber of Secrets
are de ones that are the truest too the books, but I have to say: with all the effects, all the right music notes of the orchestra
(Nicolas Hooper is tha Bomb!), and all the right dialogues; this is the Best HP movie yet.
I Really liked the part, right after the accident of Katie Bell (not a really great choice to portray her), when the trio is in McGonnegals office, where She asks them --
"Why is it, when something happens, it is always you three?"
Ron answers -- "Believe me professor, I've been asking myself this question, for six years." I burst into laughter: it's really funny.

If I compare it with the book, I would say that I am upset about so many things. 1st of all, they left out so many wonderful parts
of the books: a) Dumbledore telling Harry in the closing of chapter 4 (Horance Slughorn), that he must stay save, and that
Dumbledore wants to give him private lessons. Why I think this part should of have been in the movie, was that It would
show the bound of their relationship: Father (or Mother -- couse he is [NO PUN INTENDED]) and Son; b) The Phelgm and Bill. Someone
already wrote about this, so I won't strech it; c) The use of Polyjuice Potion by Crabe and Goyle; d) The part of the Shear Overheard
with Trelawny, (again, someone already has written about this); e) The part of the Battle (lightnigstruck Tower) would've been nice, because
it is essential to the story that Neville is somehow also connected (= please correct me if I'm wrong), because the prophecy could've
meant Harry or Neville. Ultimatly Voldy chose Harry; f) The Burial, but this one, I've read in an other comment, that They
include in ly Hallows, so maybe it's better, but if they don't include it, I think it would've been a proper send of for Prof. Dumbledore.

Second of all, there are so many Goofs in the movie: Did you guys notice that, when Harry and Ron go to the Burrow
for Christmas vacations, (duh!) it's snowing, and every part of the grond is covered in ice, yet when the so called
"Distruction of the Burrow", happens, you can see grass (fresh Grass!) and the part when Harry runs out of the house in
to the bushes(!), you can hear water. It's Winter isn't it?
Spinners End, although it was a wonderful part, I thing that they really sucked, when they made Bella say, "Swear to It, Make the Unbreakable Vow."
I mean, Bella hates Snape, She would never say that. And They did unjustice, for not including the part, when Severus answers the
qustions about his loyalty to the Dark Lord.
An other thing: We (The Real Harry Potter Fans who not only follow the movie, but (primairly) read the books) all know, that Bella
is a real arrogant-pureblood-witch. Thus meaning, that she only talkes, walkes etc. with her "equals". Yet, in the movie, we see that
she is paired with none other than Fenrir Grayback; a filty blood werewolf (the first thing that I thought when I saw them was:
WHAT THE...) I laughts at someones comment about Garyback; saying that someone next to the person asked him, what was wrong with him.

I really wanted to see all the memories. Each and everyone of them; specialy the memory, of the Gaunts and when Voldy goes
to Dumbledore seeking the DADA post.
The part of the Cave was exelent! Each and every moment of it. The Inferno (combined with the music) was Exelent! And someone
did already say that he/she liked the part when Harry and Dumbledore is standing on the rock, in the (not really) middle of the sea
and the music that is being played there. I too like the part, and everytime (I have already watched the movie 9 times) that I watched it, I re-re-replay the part.
I also like the part when Dumbledore answers Harry's question ("But Sir, I though we coundn't Apperate or Disapperate within Hogwarts.")
"Well being me has its privliges." ---> He Is The Most Powerful Wizard, so Why woundn't it be cool (just for the movie).

All the actors acted at their Best. Dan, Rupert, Emma and Tom were amazing. Michael Gambon finally has prooven, that he too, can be
Dumbledore. And as for Alan Rickman, He is Great. The part when he delivers the message to Harry, that Dumbledore is going to be gone until
resume of the next semester, and Harry asks him where... well its hilarious! Though, I would've prefered, that they sould've put a few classes or maybe a few
detentions of Harry with Prof. Snape. (It is after all a Story about Harry and (The Half-Blood Prince) Severus Snape.)

Posted by Naushaad from Suriname, Paramaribo on November 3, 2009 11:38 AM

That was great, Naushaad! I've seen the movie twice and think the same about it. I think they forgot that it was winter when the Burrow was destroyed. And I was surprised to see that, after Harry running toward Bellatrix, no one followed him except Ginny! Weird... And I don't understand why Ginny was acting like child, I mean, when she sat down and did something on Harry's shoe before the attack! She was still the girlfriend of Dean Thomas!

Posted by Mahin from Bangladesh on November 6, 2009 8:16 PM

Yeah thanks a lot Mahin. Well maybe they (the writers) were trying to show us, that there was/is a spark between Ginny and Harry. (they did mis out so much in so many movies). I wanted to add too my comment, that I Really liked the movie part of Aragog's Buriel (too = The book part was also excelent!). Specially the part of Slughorn (A good choice), says "Phoof... And it's gone", and about the fish that Lily Evans gave him (Its Wonderful). I think, that the way they tell us about life and , it sort of is reallistic you know. Life can end at anytime, so chill, relax and do good!
But so far I love the Half-Blood Prince movie a lot!
PS. I saw that the original "text" submitted by David was actually about Dumbledore. So in a sort of way I did not really Comment on that, so I'm commeting now about it: I TOO CRIED! (EVERY TIME THAT I SEE THE PART.) Now its 10 times.

Posted by Naushaad from Suriname, Paramaribo on November 11, 2009 09:25 AM

Hmm... I cried too! Especially when Harry was crying beside fallen Dumbledore... And all wizards and witches raised their wands! It is the most touching point of the movie. I really want to see the next two Harry Potter movies! No matter if those follow strictly the books or not!

Posted by Mahin from Bangladesh on November 17, 2009 8:47 PM

I was just thinking about, what someonelse also said, how is harry going to know about the other horcruxes. I think that maybe the movie 7 part 1 begin with a flashback of some kind showing the other memories. maybe they showed only the neccessary parts in the HBP. it is a wild guess but it seems mostlikely. but i could be wrong.

Posted by Naushaad from Paramaribo, Suriname on November 18, 2009 02:35 AM

Yeah, I just watched the film and was disappointed by the ommissions and changes. I guess it's a really good film on it's own but...I just prefered how Harry and Ginny got together in the book and so on. Also I think the relationships between Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione have been less subtle in the film because in the books, it's very subtle, with small hints. Which is a shame but I guess that translates better to the screen.

Also I LOVED the memory of Riddle returning to Hogwarts to apply for the DADA was so haunting. So was a bit gutted that was left out.

Posted by Luke Ryan from Wales, UK on November 20, 2009 6:01 PM

I was dissapointed with the end of Half Blood Prince movie, For every Harry Potter movie ending everything was good (especially Order of Phoneix) but the part of the magical world I liked the best was the magical duelling

But in the 6th movie I expected to see Jets of Blue and Green and Red flying everywhere but NO i get Bellatrix Lestrange kicking some platesof the Great Hall

However the actors where awesome especially how Tom felton captures how Draco Malfoy gets a nervous breakdown

I really want to see some action in the ly Hallow movies (part 2)

The 6th movie really was disapointingthis would have been better:

"Come here Harry" says Ginny
"I cant I have to stop Bellatrix from destroying plates and forks" says Harry
"Get Dobby to do it" says Ginny
"But Dobby said he paid Neville to do everything for him" says Harry
"Arent you supposed to find Horcruxes" says Ginny
"What,how did you know, anyway I know waht they are" says Harry
"How you never saw half the Horcruxes" asks Ginny
"It somehow came into my head for some strange reason, I know" says Harry
And how come where at your place didnt that Bellatrix destroy your home" says Harry again
"We somehow repaired it within 5 minutes for a strange reason"b says Ginny "By the way wheres Draco Malfoy" adds Ginny
"Having a nervous breakdown, are you having another affair Ginny, you nearly kissed me when you were with Dean Thomas" adds Harry
"You cant talk, before your 6th year you went on a date with a Muggle Diner worker" says Ginny (turns red)
STUPEFY shouts Harry
The jet of blue light missed Ginny
"I thought Stupefy was red, not blue" adds Ginny angrily

Posted by Sy on November 20, 2009 8:58 PM

Yes! It should be better if the film makers' head would not be filled by too much romance!

Posted by Mahin from Bangladesh on November 23, 2009 05:19 AM

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