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Dumbledore is dead... again

by David Haber

Almost exactly 4 years ago, as we all read the end of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince together for the first time, we experienced the death of Dumbledore, and this site became into being, as it was originally known as And now, with the release of the movie, we're reliving it, all over again.

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Reader Comments: (Page 4)

hmmm, everyone is making some good points as to the whole Dobby/Kreacher situation as well as the Bill/Fleur situation. But hasnt the role of Bill been cast? So they must be planning on doing something and I would think they would due to the trio needing to break into gringotts bank and Bill working for the bank. However, on the other hand not having Bill in HBP getting mauled by Fenrir, no mention in HBP movie that the sword of Gryffindor is not a horcrux but is needed to destroy the horcruxes (which is what's in the vault at Gringotts) could mean they wont even do the whole breaking into the vault scenario...which would be a shame. Yet, at the end of COS movie we see the connection between Harry and Dobby. Harry sets Dobby free and Dobby in turn saves Harry's life when Lucius Malfoy tries to Harry so it would mean something to the aunce who doesnt read the books to have Dobby in DH. I really hope they dont off Kreacher instead because to me that would just be another slap in the face of the wrong way this writer/director/producer team is doing things. Another question I have as to how the whole real locket horcrux is going to play out is since we never met mundungus in OOTP or HBP who has the locket and how is going to end up in Umbridges hands?

Posted by sm from usa on July 24, 2009 08:21 AM

My biggest problem with the movie (which I did enjoy as a continuation of the story already presented in the other movies) was the fact that they left out the entire part about the Gaunt's and that Tom Riddle's mother didn't even love her son enough to live for him (parphrasing Harry). That and the fact that Harry felt some empathy for Tom Riddle. To me these are so key to the story. It is the lack of love Tom Riddle received that led him to become Lord Voldemort. It is the love Harry receives constantly from others, as well as his love for them, that makes him the Chosen One. I would have thought that putting those scenes in and taking out the Burrough destruction would have left the film about the same length.

Along that line is the fact that Tom Riddle was the heir of Slytherin. This is key because of Voldemort's desire to obtain valuable objects for his horcruxes. I am in agreement with a previous poster, how in the world is Harry supposed to know what he is looking for in the next 2 movies. It be very interesting to see how it turns out in the books though.

Posted by Love Harry from Georgia on July 24, 2009 11:57 AM

Ok, first things first, i don't know yet whether i liked the movie (just saw it) but i can say one thing: as a movie it was great, as an adaptation of a great book it was terrible, they created scenes, they erased scenes and they transformed scenes, in that aspect i didn't like it.... ok as for dumbledore's , well it was diferent this time, but not that much... i didn't cry but it was still sad... now i have two questions i want to put in:
1) Isn't it suposed that controling the weather is one of the 5 gawp's law things that said which things where possible to create or not, but yet ron does create snow after he broke up with lavander.
2) this was a detail i wasn't abble to see nor i know whether it's there, but was anyone abble to see/was Ravenclaw's tiara in the room of requirement, because if it were there it would be a nice detail, like a curiosity... but overall the movie was ok

Posted by rui from lisbon on July 24, 2009 12:13 PM

How delightful to return to this community in my time of need!
I loved the OotP movie, and luckily have forgotten enough of the book to not be too critical. I for one am HEARTILY delighted not to have to slosh through Harry's angst as it was written in the book; indeed, my response to the mood of the book would have been much like Harry's to his first kiss (in the movie anyway). It was just too 'wet' - too self-indulgent in teenage misery. The movie, on the other hand, was funny, and exciting, and emotionally satisfying.
I disagree with people who think the movie gives an unequivocal message that Snape is on Dumbledore's side. I mean, dude, he ed the guy. Yes, his expressions and gestures support his alliance, but I don't think they give it away.
Can't wait for the next one! (although I really miss the essence of magic of the third, my favorite, wish they were all so magical)

Posted by inga from detroit on July 24, 2009 3:32 PM

I don't know if weather is certainly an exception to Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration, as discussed in the other topic. I don't think Ron is really changing the weather by making it snow - he isn't changing anything outside. Ron makes it snow in the book too, after he and Lavender break up.

I would have liked to see the diadem too, but I don't think it's there. I didn't see it and no one else I've asked did.

Posted by Anonymous from Arizona on July 24, 2009 6:03 PM

ok, everyone on here got me so curious about different things I had to take the time to do some research, lol. I have seen the movie few more times and there does appear to be a tiara in a glass case in the room of requirement in HBP movie. The glass case is behind Harry when the bird makes a noise from inside the vanishing cabinet and Harry and Ginny both say, "what was that?" There is an item at top of the cabinet then the camera pans down and its the next item. Thats what I think it is anyway. However it's just a crown/tiara not a tiara on the head of a bust sculpture like in the book so maybe I'm wrong or as it always is in the movies they change things so the tiara may not be on a sculptures head in the movie. I do think its there somewhere in HBP movie because also, while in the room of requirement Ginny makes this statement, "see, you never know what you'll find in here." I think that's a reference to the fact that the tiara be found up there in DH.

A question I forgot to mention in my earlier posts is does anyone know the reason they chose to recast Lavender Brown and also change her race? I just found that odd and it cant be anything to do with not wanting to show inter-racial relationships because they show the relationship with Dean and Ginny.

I also just recently read an interview with Daniel Radcliffe that Gary Oldman is definitely returning as Sirius for the walk to Harry's in DH. Daniel was saying how happy he was this was going to happen because of how Oldman pushes him in emotional scenes. I have to say I am very happy as well to hear this because he pushes Daniel in emotional scenes, lol! Dan just seems to have a hard time getting into the crying, grieving scenes. It wasn't there enough when Cedric d, but he was tremendous during the Sirius scene, then horrible again during the Dumbeldore scene. It has been reported that during the Sirius scene Dan couldn't get the crying, hysterics right and that Gary Oldman grabbed him and shook him, yelled in his face things that made him mad and start crying and Oldman released him and yelled, "roll film" to the director and that's how they got the emotional outburst during OOTP. Whatever happened it worked I thought personally Dans performance during Sirius's and the possession by Voldemort was worthy of an oscar nod. Not so much in HBP and Dumbeldore's . So, anyway, I'm glad Oldman be there for that scene in DH it hopefully be a pretty intense scene.

Onto the much discussed topic of what scenes are they putting in DH and what be omitted because of what's been omitted thus far I have found a list of the cast for DH which I think can lead us to guess most of the important scenes and facts are going to be played out finally *sigh of relief*. The list does have Bill Weasley cast and Fleur returning so they obviously be a big part of DH movie and Auntie Muriel has been cast so I guess we get the wedding scene of Bill and Fleur. The role of Mundungus has been cast so I guess we get to see that he stole the locket. Dobby is cast and returning as well as Kreacher but the Griphook the goblin is cast so hopefully that means the breaking into Gringotts happen and that be when Dobby s. I really think since the connection between Dobby and Harry was made at the end of COS movie with Dobby saving Harry's life they Dobby. The ministry of magic characters that Harry and Hermione and Ron use the polyjuice potion on to break into the ministry looking for the locket are cast so that scene should take place. A young Dumbeldore and Gellert Grindewald and Ariana have been cast so we get that story as well. Victor Krum returns. Bathilda Bagshot has been cast. I am so happy that scene in Godrics Hollow with Bathilda might be there I love that part and it is a must for the movie in my opinion. Mr. Ollivander is returning so the wand story be there (I kinda figured he was in DH since he is shown being kidnapped in HBP. Xenophilius Lovegood has been cast hopefully hes more than a guest at the wedding and we get the Luna's house scene especially since that's where Harry sees his re-creation of the tiara but also because that's where we learn Luna has been captured. The role of Grigorivich has been cast, Hermione's mother is cast, there is no mention of the Dursely characters returning so that part is unknown but it would be a shame to leave them out of the end. Charity Burbage and Elphias Doge are cast. Not returning it says is Professor Trelawny. Wish she had so we could have maybe gotten more on the prophecy plus she's pretty funny during the final battle. All 3 malfoys are returning as well and all the other eaters. That's all I've been able to find but I think this info is a big help as to what we can expect in DH and really makes me feel better since I felt so much left out in HBP. I was worried, now I'm looking forward to it and gives me hope that they are on the right track as far as what scenes are important.

Posted by sm from usa on July 25, 2009 12:08 AM

Ron is unconciously tapping his wand in the direction of the wall/tapestry, causing white bits of it to "snow" down.

Posted by Siena from Nottingham,UK on July 25, 2009 04:00 AM

the HBP was seriously the worst let down to an awesome book. i have a very wierd problem with the harry potter books. When i see the movie, it leaves an imprint in my head which changes the way i saw the book with my 'inner eye'. i remeber the day i read the book, HBP was a very amazing book, just a notch below DH. the movie shouldn't have had the burrow burning scene, it spoils the wedding.. god knows how the'll fix that, or maybe they'll skip it. they never showed the brooding Tonks and the movie wasnt intense inough. though you have to say.. the scene in which slughorn says "harry!" and harry says "sir!" is fantastic! i hope the last two be good but i doubt it, Yates didnt bring out the best in HBP but lets hope he dose a Gambon and comes back in full form for the ending!

Posted by Aarant from New Delhi on July 25, 2009 10:21 AM

Oh, is that what the snow is, Sienna? Thanks. I know Ron is waving his wand at the ceiling in the book and the snow is referrred to as fake snow there.

Sm - I'm glad you saw what hopefully is the diadem. You're right about Ginny's line - I like that's it could be a reference to DH. There is a promotional poster for HBP with Bellatrix and Greyback that has a bust of sculpture with what looks like a small tiara on it's head. I thought it might be the diadem, but I didn't see the bust in the movie, so I guess it's reasonable to assume that they changed it and put it in a glass case.

Posted by Anonymous from Arizona on July 25, 2009 10:47 AM

To Aarant: You are soooo right! Here's hoping the end is worth what we had to sit thru in HBP. I totally agree that the Harry/Slughorn scene was great! It was so funny and reminded me of my teenager, lol! You know somethings been bothering me about the burning of the burrow scene. In more than one of the books we see witches/wizards able to put out fires with the auguamenti spell. And apparently the spell can be done forcefully enough with enough water coming from the wand to put out a severe fire at Hagrids at the of HBP book and we see Lupin and Tonks trying to use it when they run after Harry and they're trying to get thru the fire. If the spell can be done well enough to put out a raging fire at Hagrids (in the book) why can't 10 very talented witches and wizards use their wands to put out the fire at the burrow before it was totally destroyed? They just stood there looking devastated watching it burn. Maybe they're just going to say they rebuilt it with magic in DH who knows.

Posted by melanie from ohio on July 25, 2009 10:59 AM

Oops, pretty bad to forget what movie I just went to see. Problem was, I had never seen OotP! So I started watching it just as soon as I got home from HBP.
From watching them together, I like what the director's doing with Ginny over time. She seemed kind of boring in HBP, but I can see how he's building a quiet, stable, magically powerful person out of her. This makes her a good foil for Harry Potter.
And Slughorn/Harry was done so well. Really amazing.
Thanks to all who are doing research to help us understand, and to guess what's coming next.
I, too, would love to know why they altered Lavender (although I thought she did a great job).

Posted by inga from detroit on July 25, 2009 11:21 AM

Because someone mentioned seeing a poster of Bellatrix and Greyback and sculptured bust in the poster I've been looking online for and cant find it but I did find a poster of Harry and Ginny in the room of requirement and the glass case is behind them that may be the glass case "sm" mentioned may be holding the tiara but also in the poster behind Ginny near the floor is a sculptured bust of a man but you cant see the top of his head. In the book the sculptured bust was a man wearing a wig and a tiara, guess we'll have to wait for the DVD to slo-mo the scene and see if we see anything.

Posted by melanie from ohio on July 25, 2009 2:06 PM

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