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Dumbledore Clues

by David Haber

These are some of the clues contained in the pages of Harry Pottter and the Half-Blood Prince which support the possibility that Dumbledore is not really , or at least Snape Dumbledore on Dumbledore's orders, and that everything that happened that night was planned well in advance by Dumbledore himself.

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Reader Comments: (Page 15)

dosent JKR make people out to be the bad guy plenty of times? for example, in POA, when harry is working on the patronas charm, harry asks lupin,
"hey, if you knew my dad, then you must have known sirius black as well"
(lupin) spins around sharply "what makes you say that?"
"oh, well i knew that they were friends in school, thats all."
his (lupin) face relaxed.
"oh yes i knew him, or i thought i did"
she is trying to make lupin out to be helping him get harry. but later in we know this isn't true

Posted by david from south windsor, connecticut on January 25, 2007 04:24 AM

and when snape s dumbledore, JKR describes him as having hatred etched in every line of his face. isnt this the same kind of thing that harry was feeling when he was force feeding dumbledore the potion in the cave where the horcrux was? if we assume that to be so then we must also assume that dumbledore is not , snape "ed" dumbledore on his orders, and if we find the pheonix, we find dumbledore, but in order to do that, we need hagrid, so to make a long story short, you are right, dumbledore is NOT (dot com:)

Posted by david from south windsor CT on January 25, 2007 11:40 AM

i had a thought, you know how james, and lilly were pure blood, and muggle born, well, cant you apply that to ron and hermione, so couldnt it be possible that they out of love for harry, to protect harry so that dumbledore can come back?

Posted by david from south windsor, connecticut on January 29, 2007 04:21 AM

Recently I have inquired into the meaning of Dumbledore's full name, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. Perhaps it should be posted here that according to Wikipedia, Wulfric means "wolf power". Now I hope none of us gets too carried away and begins to label Dumbledore a werewolf [not that there's anything wrong with it]. On the otherhand, what was on J.K.'s mind when she attached Wulfric to Dumbleldore's name?

Posted by Mikey from New Jersey on January 29, 2007 6:41 PM

i think that it is possible that hermione or ron out of love for harry but i think it is more possible that ginny . we all kno that she has now loved harry for almost 6 years! and harry has saved her once i think that ginny repay him and possibly even for him after all jk says that 2 characters whom even she did not mean to .

Posted by abz from france on January 30, 2007 05:24 AM

Aside from the plot clues mentioned, there is a strong literary device suggesting Dumbledore is not - a clue I immediately noticed when reading the book to my daughter [in fact, I told her then that Dumbledore wasn't ]. Unlike most similar events, the narrator - in these books, an omniscient narrator - never declares that Dumbledore is ; rather, that fact only emerges from character dialogue - and, of course, characters can (and often are) wrong. The omission is too strong to ignore.

Posted by Ralph Lieberman from Newton, MA on February 1, 2007 07:51 AM

From the very beginning of the series, I realized that Dumbledore must (or be otherwise incapacitated). From a story-telling aspect, he must not be around when Harry faces Voldemort. Harry must face him alone and without his mentor. But, JKR made it pretty clear that Dumbledore has used Fox the Phoenix as a horcrux. What a better way to stay alive than use a horcrux that cannot be ed or destroyed?

Posted by Matt from Apple Valley, MN on February 1, 2007 2:14 PM

In book 2, 4 and 6 Harry hears a phoenix sing. Dumbledore, in PS, said that music what more than every magic performed in Hogwarts, or something like that. Is Fawkes's music magical in some way?

Posted by Anonymous on February 2, 2007 03:11 AM

in recent interview JKR said she did not enjoy ing off characters and "did not like ing off the character she ed in book 6." why not just say dumbledore?

Posted by Liam from Ithaca, New York on February 2, 2007 4:28 PM

That's a mighty good question, Liam!

Posted by Dave Haber from Los Angeles, CA on February 2, 2007 6:09 PM

Possibly she phrased it that way for the benefit of those who have not read the book yet. I mean there are some poor chumps out there who haven't!
She has said that we should not expect Dumbledore to do a Gandalf and that we need to move through the five stages of grief.

Posted by Elizabeth from Australia on February 2, 2007 7:05 PM

In chapter three of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince we can read the words of the "Issued on Behalf of the Ministry of Magic PROTECTING YOUR HOME AND FAMILY AGAINST DARK FORCES". The fourth guideline of this pamphlet tells us: "Agree security questions with close friends and family so as to detect Eaters masquerading as others by use of Polyjuice Potion." The only person who takes this seriously seems to be Mr. Weasley, who asks Molly embarrassing questions, and refuses to listen to her protests to answer them. Dumbledore himself jokes about it, he tells Harry he doesn't believe in it, but if Harry would like to know his favourite flavour of jam; it is raspberry. We know already that it is possible to fake a person for a long time: Mad Eye had been teacher in Hogwarts, and nobody saw it wasn't really him.

Harry was late for school because of Malfoy's Petrificus Totalus-charm. Tonks saves him and brings him to school. The first person he meets, still outside the school building, is Snape. This means Snape was late himself. Why? Perhaps to miss the personal question-ceremony...? And because nobody takes this very serious, he not be questioned when he comes late?

I think Snape was not Snape. Voldemort finally found out Snape was on Dumbledore's side, (or perhaps he knew this all the time) he kidnaps the real Snape, and takes his place. This means it is Voldemort who makes the Unbreakable Vow with Bellatrix and Narcissa, and Voldemort who teaches the Dark Arts that year. And see how he almost gave himself away by doing that, by speaking with that much love about the Dark Arts. I think we didn't see the real Snape at all in the Half-Blood Prince book. So it was Voldemort (who looked like Snape) who ed Dumbledore.
And Dumbledore didn't know this. He was surprised, he didn't plan his own . Why didn't he even try save his life? I think because of Malfoy. I think Dumbledore didn't want Malfoy to take the wrong side, and after having ed a person Malfoy would have been a real Eater. Dumbledore knew Malfoy wasn't thoroughly bad: think about his crieing about what he had to do, about his fear, about how he looked like he was ill, he can't eat, he is scared like a child. Therefore he didn't stop Snape. This way Voldemort had done it, not Malfoy. Did Dumbledore finally see it was Voldemort? Yes, I think so.

This means I think Dumbledore really is , and not come alive again in the new book. I think Harry find the prisoned Snape, and he probably almost him, but finally Harry remember Mad-Eye and believe Snape.

Dumbledore tells Harry he doesn't have to go on with the Occlumency lessons with Snape. Harry is very happy to hear this, but how much better would it have been when he still had to get those lessons... Harry wasn't very good in it, but he could do it, and getting lessons by the false Snape, he would probably have found out this wasn't the real Snape.

Posted by Margriet Verbeek from Maasland - The Netherlands on February 4, 2007 01:59 AM

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