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CSI: Hogwarts

by Galadriel Waters and E.L. Fossa

It's not enough to have a feeling that Dumbledore's not dead, or to want him not to be dead. What you need is a way to prove he's not dead. We at Wizarding World Press are happy to help you work on techniques needed for doing that. Sleuthing Harry Potter has become a popular sport -- er, pastime -- for thousands of series fans.

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Reader Comments:

I think that there is a grand mistake in the books of harry potter. maybe it not sulve anything about snape and dumbledore but.... the living paintings can see, be seen, hear, be heard and have a mind of their own right. so why dont they just have pictures of the . then it would almost be like if they where still there.

Posted by brian from stockholm,norway on September 11, 2006 06:36 AM

if you can come back as a ghost, (NEARLY HEADLESS NICK) then why doesnt dumbledore come back and help harry, after the burial at the end of HBP, IF he is really .

Posted by greg from douglasville, georgia on September 26, 2006 12:09 PM

Brian: I agree with you 100% That's why i think the portrait on the wall of the Head's office defintly help Harry.
Greg: He is Sir Nicholas! Sir Nicholas explains why Dumbledore would most likely not come back as a ghost in HBP.

Posted by mandy from Tx on September 30, 2006 9:54 PM

heres a question. mundungus was banned from the hogs head long ago says sirius in the 5th book... but in the 6th book, in hogsmeade, harry sees two people huddled up and reliases that one of them is the barman from hogs head and the other dung... sirius also says in the 5th book that the bar man has a long memory... hows that?

Posted by thej from bangalore on October 4, 2006 03:39 AM

Answering the Mundungus question from Thej, well, the Hog's Head's barman may have a long memory, Dung may be banned from the Hog's Head (only JK knows why), but that doesn't prevent them from having business outside of that place, or maybe those objects from Sirius', now Harry's house, are a way of repaying (partly, I suppose, or they'd be IN the Hog's Head) his (Dung's) .

Now, continuing with Nearly Headless Nick's explanations, those reffered to Sirius, that was "a very brave man", as is Dumbledore, the difference comes when you take everything's that said about ghosts, that they exist because the person that d had unfinished business (watch some Sci-Fi TV and you'll see this pattern in EVERY TV series or movie about ghosts), meaning that Dumbledore's unfinished business be helping Harry (or Harry helping him, as he promised) to destroy the remaining horcruxes.

I, particularly, do not believe that Dumbledore would become a ghost, that gives too much hope for Harry and makes it TOO easy for him to find the remaining horcruxes. However, I think Dumbledore's portrait in the Headmaster's office is of importance to the continuance of Harry's mission, because it would be able to, in some degree, help Harry in his mission.

Posted by Ra�l Llavaneras from San Antonio de Los Altos, Venezuela on October 9, 2006 01:25 AM

I think that people need to stop freaking out about Dumbledore. I mean, I'm sad about him too, but what J. K. Rowling wrote is what she wrote. We might as well just accept the fact and wait for the next book to explain it.

Posted by Andrea from Pleasant View, UT on October 10, 2006 6:12 PM

Dumbledore doesn't need to become a ghost because he might not be . In 'the Princess Bride'(the movie) remember Miracle Max says that Wesley is only 'mostly ' and he saved Wesley? Well maybe Dumbledore is only 'mostly ' and he can be saved.

Posted by Kate from San Diego, CA on November 2, 2006 10:21 PM

I just want to ask one question (this may have nothing to do with the whole mystery of the 7th book but-) What is up with Mrs Norris! Seriously there is something WRONG with that cat!

Posted by Rhiannon Raphael from Australia,New South Wales on November 3, 2006 8:00 PM

Interesting point about the portraits. Sirius' great great grandfather seems to have memory of his previous life.
He describes how Sirius 'used' to be. So he must remember when he was alive.
Portraits can get drunk and talk to and visit other portraits.

These paintings link back to Nearly Headless Nick speaking to Harry after the of his godfather. He explains how his real spirit has gone beyond but he left a copy of himself behind because he was afraid of . He still has memory of his past life, remarkable sensitivity to what's going on around him and is - for all intents and purposes - alive. Except for the fact he is .

Anyway, I'm wittering. What I really mean is that I think this is exactly the same for the portraits. A copy of them has been left behind but it is not the actual spirit of that person. I believe that Dumbledore thought it was time to . Just like his friend Nicholas Flamel. He knows it do no good if he is always holding Harrys hand and he is growing tired of the world. From his portrait which undoubtedly be put up in his old office he be a guide but nothing more than that.
I believe that Snape's 'look of hatred' was misinterpreted by Harry and was in fact Snape not wanting to carry out his orders from Albus. He now be able to help Harry destroy the horcruxes from within and Voldemort not dubt him for a second as he cannot concieve that Dumbledore actually wanted this to happen. As he believes the worse thing that can happen to a wizard is to .

Posted by Jennie from England on November 17, 2006 1:01 PM

ok so this is sort of off topic about dumbledore, but it does have something to do with sleuthing. I was just rereading book 6, the chaper about the memory of hokey. i realized that hepzibah and zacharias both have the same last name: smith. also, we know that hepzibah is related to hufflepuff, and that zacharias is in hufflepuff. could it be they are related? and if so, could this somehow tie in with the location of the cup and the locket? im not sure how, but maybe zacharias could be of some help in that area.

Posted by christina from cali on November 26, 2006 9:28 PM

Maybe i'm the only one to think this, but in my humble opinion, there a two options.

1. He's not . Maybe he is to the outside world, but he could be in hiding. (Contradicted by JK herself, Forget this remark, fun to think about though).

2. He's . As a doorknob. Snape ed him. be it as a friend or foe, i dont know. fun to speculate about, but not of any immidiate importance. What i'm goaling at is: horcruxes. What is Dumbledore has one of his own? That would make him , but not , know what i mean? This would allow him to come back, supprt harry and find the other horcruxes of voldemort.

How's that for peannuts?

Posted by Timo from Rotterdam, Netherlands on November 27, 2006 1:51 PM

Dumbledoor is ...I least for now.....
but as already been pointed out by others, there's still the portrait..
or should I say, portraits...

In OotP, DD asks a wizard to go to another portrait to check on Mr. Weasley..
DD asks that particular wizard because he was very famous and had many pictures around the wizarding world...

DD, being Head of Hogwarts obviously have his portrait there,
but he was also on the wizigmot(sp)
head mogwomp(sp) of something.......
the list goes on and on....
plus...I see Molly Weasley giving up wall space in her kitchen(next to her clock) for a picture of the great man...
the twins could put one up in the shop...
the ministry...

but here's one Ive wondered about....
what about those chocolate frog cards?
just because they haven't spoken so far(to my knowledge)
doesn't necessarily mean they never .....does it?

Posted by Kevin from Wisconsin on November 28, 2006 10:06 AM

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