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An Introduction to Arithmancy

by David Haber

Arithmancy is one of Hermione's favorite subjects at Hogwarts, because it is a very precise, measurable and almost scientific method of predicting the future. Arithmancy is a method of divination by numbers first used by the ancient Greeks. Today, Wizards can use arithmancy to help predict trends in the future.

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Reader Comments: (Page 3)

Leanne Joyce Yardley

Isn't it bad to be;

Character: 1
Heart: 1
Social: 9


On a happier note Remus Lupin being;

Character: 4
Heart: 2
Social: 2

is very well suited I think. ^_^

"4 - Like a table that rests solidly on four legs, four indicates stability and firmness. Fours enjoy hard work. They are practical, reliable and down to earth; they prefer logic and reason to flights of fancy. They are good at organization and getting things done."

"2 - Two represents interaction, two-way communication, cooperation, and balance. Twos are imaginative, creative, and sweet natured. Peace, harmony, commitment, loyalty, and fairness are characteristic. But two also introduces the idea of conflict, opposing forces, and the contrasting sides of things: night and day, good and evil. Twos can be withdrawn, moody, self-conscious and indecisive."

Posted by Leanne from England on November 22, 2006 11:06 AM

I wonder about this--Tom Riddle is a 1-2-8 (just Sybil Trelawney), Lord Voldemort is a 2-5-6, and Voldemort is a 7-8-8. Voldemort by itself seems to be the most accurate description of the person.

Posted by Linda from Fort Wayne, IN on November 28, 2006 12:32 PM

Yes, I believe it works best with the most common usage of your name. Therefore, you'd do "Ron Weasley", not "Ronald Weasley", and likewise, I believe most wizards just think of him as "Voldemort" (only the eaters call him "Lord Voldemort"...)

Posted by Dave Haber from Los Angeles, CA on November 28, 2006 12:53 PM

When I typed my name I got:
Character: 9
Heart: 9
Social: 9
This is very creepy not only because 9 is a very special number but also because number nine seems to appear everywhere else in my life. You should see when my birthday is!

Posted by Anna Niklasson from Sweden on December 2, 2006 02:34 AM

Has anyone noticed that Harry (2-3-8) Potter and Ginny(6-2-4)Weasley aren't a match? Hmmmm.....

Posted by Alex from UK on December 2, 2006 9:02 PM

Numbers don't have to match to mean two people are a good "match". According to the personality chart (which you can pop-up from the main article) 2's like Harry have the characteristics of harmony and commitment. With so many brothers, those are qualities that Ginny would definitely find attractive in a mate. Meanwhile, Ginny is a 6, which represents harmony (like 2's), friendship, and family life. We know Harry is drawn to Ginny, he could love her in part because of the family she represents that he lacks and so desperately would like to be part of.

Posted by Dave Haber from Los Angeles, CA on December 3, 2006 06:51 AM

the thing about Albus Percival Wulfic Brian Dumbledore and Tom Marvolo Riddle having the same numbers is awesome..

arithmancy is cool! I don't place total faith in it, but still, it's very clever:)

Posted by Erin from Australia on December 12, 2006 01:35 AM

Whoa...seriously, I'm starting to kind of believe into this...I entered my full name and this was what I got:

Character: 8
Heart: 8
Social: 9

And the funny thing is, my birthday is on 8/18/91. My best friend's birthday is on 9/19/91 which is even weirder...spooky....

Posted by Marc Jason Quimpo Ng from Manila, Philippines on December 17, 2006 05:32 AM

My real-life name gives a 1-3-7...
but my online personality gives a 9-4-5...
and yes, this actually is very true!

Posted by Ellie Cosmo from Portland, Oregon on December 19, 2006 5:13 PM

The sppokiest thing ever. I typed "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named" in the calc and got: 9-4-5! 9 in itself is complete, but 9+4+5=18, and 1+8=9! The product is almost same as what you get when you insert all alphabets!

Posted by Sagar from Mumbai, India on December 23, 2006 05:08 AM

Daniel Blom Paulsen, my full name, adds up to:

Character: 4
Heart: 3
Social: 1

Daniel Paulsen, my "spoken name" (I never really use Blom when I introduce myself to others), adds up to:

Character: 7 (my lucky number, use arithmancy on my birthdate 8/6/1991 and you get the same number)
Heart: 6
Social 1: (same number when you use my full name)

Both 4 and 7 match my overall personality pretty well, and so does 3 and 6. 1 also fits my personality quite well.

As interesting as it can be, we need to have a degree of sceptisism when we work with this kind of stuff. As a human being consists of many postives and negatives, it in many cases with astrology, numerology and arithmancy be able to find matches between the prediction and its own life.

Hm, funny. 4 and 7, my character numbers, are quite opposite of each other. Fours are down to earth and prefer logic and reason, sevens are imaginative and interested in all things mysterious. Here I am, finding actual matches between my character numbers and myself, while at the same time I am looking sceptically at it. Maybe there IS something to it after all...

Posted by Daniel Blom Paulsen from Esbjerg, Denmark on December 30, 2006 03:25 AM

I�ve got ultimate complete numbers again.

the Sorcerer's Stone: 155 (the Philosopher's Stone:568)
the Chamber of Secrets: 494
the Prisoner of Azkaban: 871
the Goblet of Fire: 999
the Order of the Phoenix: 422
the Half-Blood Prince: 256
the ly Hallows: 999

I hope that 999 of DH has extremely important meaning, because DH must lead us to the final perfect world.
And, according to Jo, GoF is the book called the clue to the whole story.
I�d like to find the meaning of these numbers. What do you think?

Posted by monchi from Tokyo on January 14, 2007 08:32 AM

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