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Quidditch sandwitch flies into Manitoba deli
[Posted by Dave Haber on Wednesday, 04/14/10 11:53 am] [Comments] [Full Blog] [Tweet This]

I'm not making this up. According to several reports on the internet today, a new Harry Potter-themed deli in Manitoba, Canada, has a very interesting sandwich on its menu.

It's called a Quidditch, and it is made up of (hold your stomach) pickles, mayonnaise, radishes, alfalfa spouts, and wild moose meat.

I'd like to tell you how I feel about that recipe, but I can't spell "Ewwww!"

I think most Harry Potter fans could think of a much better idea for a Quidditch sandwich. I'd think it would at least have to contain small meat balls made from some bird, like chicken or turkey.

Oh my, I need to get the taste of that Manitoba Quidditch sandwich out of my mouth, someone please pass me a Butterbeer.

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