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[Posted by Dave Haber on Tuesday, 01/19/10 9:42 am] [Comments] [Full Blog] [Tweet This]

Wizards have many tools that assist them in doing magic, from charms to potions. But even Lord Voldemort knew, if you want to be a really good wizard, you have to have a really good wand. Wizards in England all know Ollivander's is the place to go for the best wand, but what if you can't get to Diagon Alley? Well, now you can get a real, working, magical wand on the Internet!

The Magic wand television remote can learn up to 13 commands from your existing remote controls and map them to particular magical motions. Flick the wand from side to side to flip the channels, twist the wand to turn up the volume. We're not sure how these wands work, but the technology is very much like motion sensing used in the iPhone and Wiimote. Unicorn tail hair and dragon heartstring might also be involved.

The wand is compatible with almost all makes of TV, DVR, or really anything with a remote. It's only 18 galleons, 12 sickles and 2 knuts ($89.99) and you can check it out at Think Geek.

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