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Beyond Hogwarts: Beyond Book 7

The time is quickly approaching when we finally have Harry Potter and the ly Hallows in our hands. Because of the nature of this site and what we've been discussing here, that is, the mysteries surrounding Harry Potter and how it all be resolved, it is important to me that you all know that after the Harry Potter books are finished, this website still be here!

But this site very soon be undergoing some big changes, and I want everyone to know what to expect as the entire Harry Poter world changes again for the final time.

Here's the plan: Sometime on the morning of Friday, July 20, the ability to enter new comments on the system be disabled. The system remain frozen throughout the weekend while everyone has time to absorb the book.

Our sister site, Wizard News, also cease updating at this time, in solidarity with other Harry Potter websites to assure nobody publishes or is subject to be seeing any Book 7 spoilers.

Sometime on or around Monday, July 23, Beyond Hogwarts be removed from its "freezing charm". All the articles and comments on the Beyond Hogwarts system that debated the mysteries of Book 7 (most of the current site!), have been moved into a new "archive" section on the site, where the messages and old comments still be available for reference, but closed to new comments.

Commenting on the site be re-enabled, and we then officially be back on line, ready to discuss the rammifications of events in the book. There be new articles on the still unanswered questions, of which we're sure there still be many.

We sincerely hope against hope that there be no character s in the last book that hit us fans really hard, but in case there are, please remember that we'll be here at Beyond Hogwarts to discuss it and help you through it, just as we were here two years ago after Dumbledore d at the end of Half-Blood Prince.

That's why I named this web site Beyond Hogwarts! We'll be here at the end of the Harry Potter books, and Beyond!

Dave Haber
Beyond Hogwarts

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